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Wednesday, 18 February 2009 10:54
I was a 22 year old pregnant for my second child, I had my first ultra sound when I was four mths. pregnant. Unfortunately they found out that I had placenta previa, which means that the placenta covers half or the entire cervix. They say it happens to 1 out of 250 pregnent women.

In my case it covered the entire cervix, and if I went into labor it would kill the baby and I could bleed to death. So there was only one thing to do and that was to have a c-section, and it had to be at 7 mths. To make sure that I didn't go into labor.

I was given shots so that my baby's lungs would grow faster. At 7 mths. I went in to have my surgey I had one last ultrasound which I had one every month. And what do you know, the placenta had moved I was going to have a natural birth.

Well I went into labor 3 wks. early and when I thought every thing was going to be perfect my son was born with fluid in his lungs and a hole he was not breathing on his own.

The sent him to a different hospital which had a great N.I.C.U. after they released me I went to visit him. There were iv every where on him, his toes, bellybutton, head, arms, every where. It was so hard because I couldn't hold him, and every person that did hold him had poked him and I justed wanted him to know mommy loved him. After 3 wks, my husband and I were able to take him home. We had a nurse come and visit our home and give him meds. through his iv and after about two weeks of that we had a health 6lb. 3oz. baby boy.