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Wednesday, 14 January 2009 09:47
My pregnancy was not planned but I instantly became happy when the nurse told me I was pregnant and handed me a mom-to-be package. I am undoubtedly a pregnancy/birth fanatic. I knew that I wanted to deliver babies ever since I was 8 years old.

I had everything planned out to a "T" for my birth, natural childbirth, midwives, no episiotomy, stay home as long as I could, squatting etc... When I attended my friends births I was an excellent labor assistant for an amateur if I should say so myself :) As a matter of fact the same day I found out I was pregnant my friend Natalie went into labor and I assisted her it was scary knowing I would be in her shoes in about 36 weeks:) . Anywho, at 7 weeks I had some slight spotting, they did an US and everything was fine I saw my baby for the first time. Besides the spotting everything was textbook, everything happened at the same time What To Expect When Your Expecting said it would. I had little morning sickness and only threw up twice.

At twenty weeks I had an AFP test which came back irregular. They told me that my baby might have Downs Syndrome. Needless to say I was a wreck and worried myself to death, all I could think about was is my baby ok. I also knew and both of us decided that regardless of the outcome we would have our baby. After a long week of waiting, they did an extensive US. Everything was fine with his bone structure, brain stem, spine and heart. So the next thing the specialist did was count 10 fingers and toes, my boyfriend left the room because he didn't want to know the sex and I found out it was a BOY!! From then on everything was fine except for the horrible back pain that lasted my entire 8th month.

On Saturday, January 13th I lost my mucus plug this was great I wasn't due until the 18th so I was early. When the slight cramping started I called my midwives and they told me to get some rest and wait. I called everyone I knew including my best friend in Florida. Big mistake nothing happened and everyone kept calling me :(, I was livid and put on the answering machine. I went to see the midwives on Tuesday I was still having the cramping which was very constant (I didn't time them). I was sure she would say 3-4 cm. She said 1cm, 75% effaced, 1cm!! I had been 1cm since I was 7 months I might add. She said any day now, I left with the same contractions. I went home and told everyone the bad news. The 18th came and went but I still had those now aggravating pains.

My boyfriend's mom who use to be a midwife offered to help speed things up. I was dead set against this from the beginning, he told me she would try (I mean who wants their "mother in-law" to see their "secret garden" :) ). But at this point I wanted this baby out.

She came over and swept my membranes, basically she put her finger in my cervix and swished her finger around:( OOOUUUCHHH!!!!!! I could have squeezed her neck for doing that to me. She then gave me about 4ozs of castor oil and OJ BLAAHH!! She said this should get you started by tonight, this was Monday, January 22. Well something got started alright, I was on the throne for like an hour. I began to have some cramping but nothing more than what I had been experiencing for about 2 weeks.

That night his mom called and I told her what was going on she said that she guess he just wasn't ready to come yet. My cramping got a little worst but nothing to write home about. It was now Tuesday: back to the midwives for my weekly check-up. I just knew I was 3-4 cms now. Charlotte (one of my midwives) checked, she said 2 cm, all cheerful!! I was devastated. (By the way the pelvic exam was excruciating because of the sweeping the day before). I got dressed and started off down the hall where I saw my other midwife Debbie who touched my shoulder and I immediately began to cry hysterically. I told her I had these stupid menstrual cramps for about 2 weeks and the baby just wasn't going to come out. She reassured me as only beautiful midwives know how.

As I walked home the pain was getting worst but I didn't pay them any attention. I did tell my son that if he wasn't ready to come he could at least leave me in peace for a while so I could enjoy some pizza. On the way home the pain worsened but I still didn't pay much attention to it. I went home called my boyfriend crying telling him there was no progress and to stay at work. I then went to sleep....I'm in McDonalds, my friend Nicky is there and she's trying to take my BigMac. I start to run and I get to a staircase and I start to run up my water breaks. POP! I woke up and my water broke for real! it was 9:50pm.

I called my boyfriend and he thinks I'm teasing because about 2 hrs before I was crying about the baby never coming. I then call my midwives, Sally calls back laughing and says "see we told you any day". I then called everyone again. I called my mom laughing and said "this is what all of you were complaining about this will be a breeze", she laughed. My contractions were like bad menstrual cramps coming every 45 minutes. My boyfriend arrived home in about 40 minutes it usually takes 1hr to 1 1/2 hrs to get home from Manhattan. He looked all panicky and I was laid back, he couldn't believe I was in labor. I told him to catch some ZZ's while I did the same. At 5am I woke up to this SHARP pain I jumped up and went to the bathroom, the water was still coming out (no one tells you that it keeps coming). I grabbed my towel placed it between my legs started to waddle back to the room. The towel fell and I noticed some yellowish stuff on it Oh no meconium!

I called the midwives and they told me to come in. I knew then to say bye -bye to my birth plan they would have to induce. The pain was coming every 15 minutes and they were really kicking my butt but I was still hanging in like a trooper. When we got to the hospital (6am) it was definitely meconium. So my midwives gave me about an hour to myself to labor, I was 4 cm. They checked again and I was still four so they gave me pitocin WHOA MAMA!!

Hell hath no fury like pitocin in an IV!! I would have refused it had I known it was going to be like that. By then my boyfriend (Kwasi) and my friend Natalie (remember her from earlier) who was also his cousin was there. They tried in vain to help me work with my body but nothing helped and I shooed them off to a corner in the room. My midwife (Sally) was the only one who seemed to know what I needed. However, she couldn't stay with me at all times because of another woman who she was helping. She kept running between the two of us this wasn't working for me because when she left it was just unbearable. You really need a good support team and my little team wasn't experienced enough to help me.

At 10am I caved in (after repeated coaxing from the anesthesiologist!!) and got an epidural :(. I was so sad through the whole thing I felt as if I failed. I cried as Sally held me in her arms (they wouldn't non-hospital staff near me, something about being sued!!) and told me I was the best smelling laboring woman she ever had (I always listen to my mommy, I showered and perfumed myself for my big moment).

My epidural started to wear off and I was asking for some more when Sally decided to check me. She hadn't even put her fingers in and she felt his head. She asked if I felt the need to push, I said no. She let the epidural wear off some more but still nothing. So she said we would try to do it without the urge. I was pushing and nothing was happening until the L&D nurse told me to put my chin to my chest and push it down.

Now were talking, Sally said I see him, Natalie asked if she could go and watch I said YES! I couldn't careless. Kwasi was holding my hand and peeking down. Natalie started screaming "he has hair, he has hair!!" Sally told me to touch my son, he was all warm and hairy. Natalie started to scream again "your sucking him back in!!" I couldn't help laughing at her. He finally started to crown but I didn't feel the infamous "ring of fire" because of the stupid epidural.

After his head was out they told me to stop pushing because the cord was around his neck. When they said OK I pushed but his shoulders were stuck, they said try again and with all my might I pushed and PLOP! he was here I Began to cry I looked over and saw Natalie crying and burst out laughing!! Kwasi ran over and said it's a BOY! YESS! My son wasn't breathing and started to turn purple(remember the epidural).

By the way my whole midwife team was there, Sally (who caught him), Debbie, Charlotte, and Evelynn cheering me on. I had asked them not to hit him so they massaged him & suctioned his mouth and nose( I find this barbaric, shoving tubes into his little face) to no avail so Debbie plucked him on the bottom of his foot. He let out a loud cry, the most beautiful sound I ever heard. They put him on my chest to nurse but he wasn't too interested. Kwasi cut the cord and held him. He then let a still crying Natalie hold him. They took him to check and see if he swallowed any fluid. I then began to tremble terribly, I was scared out my mind because I didn't know what was happening. I also started to vomit (late transition I guess).

So after 15 1/2 hours of labor and 45 minutes of pushing my son Jalani which is Swahili for one who is mighty (I thought he would break my rib when he was inside of me) was here. His stats: 7lbs 12 and 3/4 ozs, 20 1/2 inches, born January 24, 1996 at 1:31pm.

Jalani is a wild and crazy 3 1/2 year old. Kwasi and I got married on April 24, 1999 and we are thinking about having another baby. I'm a nursing student and I'm going to become a Midwife. I am also pursuing Doula Certification. I realize how important it is to have a support person there for you while you labor. I'll definitely use a doula with my next baby. Thanks for bearing with my long story but hey birth isn't something you can describe in a few paragraphs.

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