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Wednesday, 18 February 2009 10:16

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By Sydney Dane's Mom

Where to begin? I was 34 years old and married for only 5 months when the strangest things happened. It was 8:00am, I was at work when I got so hot that I thought my fingernails were sweating, I became light headed and felt very strange, after a few moment it passed and I did not give it another thought. Later I was wearing my vibrating pager on my waist, like I did every day, it began to vibrate and I could not get it off of me fast enough! It felt so bizarre to my stomach! Then 12:00 came and a co-worker who often ate oriental food with me suggested it for lunch, the mere thought of it instantly made me nauseous. It wasn�t until after lunch (not oriental food!) that I started thinking about the three very strange events of the morning. Knowing full well that I was not pregnant I purchased a home pregnancy test at about 2:00pm and took it in the rest room at work. I was numb! I knew the timing of my cycle and I was only 8 days pregnant and already knew it!

My husband was also numb when I set the stage for a waitress to pull up a high chair to the dinner table and told him to get used to it sitting there. It took him a few moments to get the message. I told him right then that I wanted to have our baby at home. He looked at me like I had three heads. After I gave him a crash course in why it was safer to stay home he slowly and hesitantly joined me in my desire for the best possible birth. (I think that he thought that I would change my mind as the delivery came closer).

As the months past and the more he learned he became very much an advocate to stay home. I actually read aloud to him to make certain that he got all the facts.

We interviewed many midwives, (and hired Gail) went to the Bradley classes, read all the books, hired a lactation consultant, purchased all the (unnecessary) supplies and waited, and waited. Months of defending mine and my baby�s rights to friends and family whom all thought different things but no ones thought were good! Their thoughts varied from "oh she�ll change her mind" to harsh criticism, to deep skepticism and then finally reluctant acceptance and fear. Anyone who chooses a home birth is not only strong to deliver without drugs but even stronger to endure the wrath of uneducated bystanders. We declined all test and exams. We relied on prayer, faith, instinct, nutrition, exercise, knowledge and each other.

It was 11 days before my predicted due date my husband was working 3rd shift (he�s a police officer) I was home alone. I woke up about 3:00am with what felt like an explosion in my stomach. I wondered if "this was it". I got up, walked around for a while, drank some water and went back to bed and slept peacefully! At 6:00 am I felt pretty sure that I was in labor. My husband came home at 7:00 am. I did not want him to know that I was in labor. I was afraid he would be too excited to go to bed. I wanted him to get some rest, I thought I would need him more later in the day and I wanted him to be well rested. I told him I couldn�t sleep and scurried up the steps so that he would not hear the next contraction. He went to bed without a clue.

At 7:30 am I called my mom whom lived two hours away and my midwife to tell them that I thought today was the day and to stay by the phone and wait for me to call back. My midwife said that she had some errands to run, that she would have her pager with her and to call here later in the day, since this was my first child she assumed I had many hours left to labor. While I was on the phone with my midwife I felt another contraction coming. I told her it (the contraction) was coming, she told me to lay the phone down and let her listen then pick the phone up when I was done. When I picked the phone up she said, in a hurried voice "I�m on my way"! I had to go down, and back up, two flights of stairs to unlock the door. I was afraid if I didn�t do it right away that I would not have another chance.

I had girlfriend who was going to help me through labor, I called her several times but she didn�t answer. I called another friend and left a message on her machine to "come if she could". It was now about 8:00 am and I was no longer physically able to make any more phone calls. I never got back with my Mom like I promised her. My husband was asleep downstairs my water was breaking upstairs. The cat went into hiding and I was alone, trusting in God and praying that the baby knew what it was supposed to do, because all the sudden I didn�t have a clue!

At 8:45 the midwife and my girlfriend both arrived, I�m so glad that the door was unlocked! My midwife wanted to do just one pelvic so that she could "plan her day" around my progress. The pelvic took about two seconds, she said "you are 10cm, you can push when ever you get the urge"! WOW it was really going to happen!

I wanted to deliver downstairs in the living room. We waited one more contraction and decided to tackle the stairs. No problem! They woke up my husband at about 9:15 am. Was he ever shocked to find all this activity in the living room!

I had this wonderful compact disc that I had meditated to so many times and planned to labor with it on. It was so awesome to hear it this time, we turned it up pretty loud and I just "got lost" in the music! I totally surrendered to my body. I did not use any mind over matter techniques. I wanted to "be there in the moment".

I was very primal very animalistic. I prayed, growled, moaned and roared! I was on my hands and knees to rest between contractions. During a contraction my body rose up on my knees and my arms involuntarily acted like they were climbing a rope to the sky. I remember thinking how strange it was, I looked like a Praying Mantis. I just "let it happen". My girl friend asked what I wanted her to do, I requested that she just pray, aloud! She did, it was very nice! My husband wiped my brow and offered great words of love. I remember telling my midwife to "get her elbows out of me". "I�m sitting on the couch behind you watching, but not touching you" she replied. I often yelled her name for reassurance, she�d say "you�re doing great, you�re so strong"!

My midwife told me the head was out but I didn�t want to feel it, I was afraid of getting too distracted. My husband looked, he still talks about it. A couple more contractions to go. It was 11:02 and there she was! A precious angelic baby girl! 7.3 pounds of perfection. Her apgar score was a 10! So peaceful, she didn�t even cry for about 45 minutes. She rooted then latched on and I rested. I cried when I looked up and saw my ceiling fan and realize I had done it; I was still at home! When the urge came I squatted over a bowl and delivered the placenta. When the placenta retired, my husband cut the lifeline. My mom didn�t get there until it was all over.

Sydney Dane Nelson was born on her daddy�s birthday! Today (2/02) she is 9 months old, has 8 teeth, crawls, weighs 24 pounds and is still nursing strong. She sleeps with us, doesn�t know what a pacifier is and will never be been artificially immunized.