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Thursday, 12 February 2009 13:42
My birth story starts two months after we were married. I was one day late so I bought a pregnancy test a six in the morning and it was indeed positive. We were both a little aprehensive but thrilled. Jumping forward to the wee hours of 8/21/99 I got out of bet to go once again to the bathroom and I found some bloody show. I was thrilled assuming labor would start any time. I woke my husband who was not so thrilled and went back to sleep. By that afternoon I started getting regular contractions six minutes apart but very mild. By midnight they got uncomfortable enough that I couldn't lay down with them. They continued until noon the next day (8/22) and at that point I was approximately 2 cm dialated. Then what I thought to be hard contractions turned into hard contractions. I labored in the tub for a while which I hated. I then moved to the toilet which was a much more comfortable position to labor in. At about five pm I was about 4cm dialated and getting a little discouraged. I went to lay on the bed next to my husband in our darkened bedroom. At this point I started falling asleep in between contractions and upon waking for one I would grab my husbands shoulder and rock us both back and forth. I found that very comforting. After about and hour I had had enough and was begging for some tylenol. Which of course made everyone laugh and I didn't get it. I was checked at 6 pm and was complete and ready to push. It took about 18 min. to push him out. I loved pushing it felt great. It was so wonderful to hold my new baby right away. He just looked around with his big eyes. He latched on within minutes and didn't let go for the next 20 months. I am now expecting my next child 5/24/01 and am looking forward to another wonderful home birth.