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Thursday, 12 February 2009 12:51
Since I wrote my last birth story(Matthew Thomas) I have had two more children. The second was my daughter, Kayla, born March 27,1995. My first birth was long and hard, so we expected this one to be similar. Little did I know,LOL.

My son was just over two years old. I was huge. I was due March 25th. My son was very active and I worked all the way through my pregnancy. By the 24th I was tired of being pregnant and just wanted it over with. So I decided without telling my midwife, to take some castor oil to get things started. That night I had some really strong contractions. I called my midwife and my mom,(she lived in Jacksonville,Fl. and had a three hour drive) About three in the morning they stopped. so my mom drove back home (angry that it was not time) All day Saturday and Sunday the contractions continued, but never were regular. During this time we walked for hours off and on. I kept joking with my best friend that all I needed was to go for a ride in her husband's new corvette, so we did. About three miles down the road the ctrx were getting stronger so we turned around to return home. That was about seven pm. Still there was no pattern to them so we continued walking. By 10 pm they had moved into a pattern so we could call the midwife and have her come over. She got there and of course I was out walking. We went in to check me and I was 3cms. I was a little dissapointed, but she said it was good so we continued to wait for my mother and other friend who was supposed to be there in case my son woke up. Well about 12am my friend called and said she was not coming because she had hoped I would have my baby at a more convenient time for her. I was so angry I started yelling. Actually I was crushed. I cried for a while til my midwife told me to do what I had to do then let it go, because she did not want any bad feelings to get in the way of this birth. So I agreed. I did not want them to get in the way of the birth either. So about 12:30 she checked me and I wa 4cms. Dissapointed again she reminded me that I had been waiting on some one else. (you can slow your labor with your emotions and surroundings)

So we got down to the business of having a baby. Things got really rough. I was having double and triple peak contractions with no break. At some point my mother arrived, because when I started throwing up, my husband and I had a signal (as this is the one thing he can't handle) for when I knew I was going to throw up. I would point to the door and he would run out. My mother was sitting on the floor next to me when this happened. She could not figure out why my husband had run out then I begin to throw up and she races to get out of the room because she could not handle it either. We had a great laugh about this later. At this point in my labor I can not understand why things are so intense. I beg my midwife for a break, "Isn't there supposed to be a break in between? I want my break!!!!" I cry, to no avail. About 2:30 she decides to check me again, my bag of waters is still intact. Hurray I am 8cms. She decides to break my water. Almost immediately I feel kinda pushy. But can't understand why it hurt to push.

So for a while I alternated between begging to push and refusing to do it because it hurt. (She was coming so fast my body was not quite ready. Finally I push anyway. I am so ready to get this over with. I push three hard pushes and deliver her head. Then the midwife gets concerned because her shoulders get stuck she won't come out.

She gets me to roll over on all fours. "With the next contraction push with every thing you have." she directs me. I pushed with all my might and out she came. "It's a girl" (We had no idea because we did not want to know.) I rolled over and they laid her on my tummy. She was so tiny. I wondered where the rest of her was. (my son was 8lbs 8oz) They cut her short cord and weighed her.

She was 7lbs 1oz. Very small compared to her brother!!!!! We cleaned up in the bath tub and moved to the couch. I will tell anyone who asks that my home birth was the best. It was the shortest labor and the easiest. It was so much nicer than having to get in a car and ride while having contractions. Everyone got to visit us at home. I will forever be grateful for this wonderful experience.