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Wednesday, 07 January 2009 09:30
Aaron Gabriel made his appearance at 1:59 am Friday, May 7th, 1999. He was born via VBAC at home after 12 hours of labor. I had, had two previous c-sections. He was 6lbs 9ozs and 20.8inches long. I caught him in my hands and me and Daddy cut the cord together. He wasn't rushed away to be pricked and probed. He was gently wiped off and put to the breast shortly after being born.

I started the contractions around 1:00 PM May 6th, 1999 3 days after his due date of May 3, 1999. I cleaned our home and walked a lot. Around 10:00 PM Henry (Husband) and I went to Wal Mart I wanted to walk around and have something else to concentrate on.

I had been 2-cm dilated and 75%effaced on May 3, 1999. Around 11:00pm we were back home and things were starting to get serious. I asked Henry to take our two-year-old to his parents.

Henry came back and set up a plastic pool in the living room and filled it with warm water. Meanwhile I was on the toilet, rocking back and forth on hands and knees on our bed and going from toilet to toilet. The contractions were real painful now. I took a shower, then went to the toilet then to the bathtub to take a bath. Finally the pool was ready. I got in around 1:00 AM. I labored there for 45-50 minutes with the lights low and nature stream music playing. This part was very painful. I held onto the side of the pool with me knees spread far apart. My body pushed him lower with each contraction. My body did the pushing I didn't push. I grunted, moaned and yelled during contractions this helped with the pain so I did it.

I kept my jaw relaxed and focused on allowing my body to open. I felt the need to sit on the toilet so I crawled out of the pool and had a nasty contraction on the toilet and decided that wasn't the place for me. I put towels on the floor and got on my hands and knees. For the last 40 minutes I had put pressure on my rectum with my hand because it felt like he was trying to come out there. I had one contraction on the floor and I pushed on my rectum to push his head down where it needed to go. I felt my perineum burn I touched his head and yelled for Henry (Daddy) to bring the Virgin Olive Oil. He asked if I wanted him to check me I said, "No" he is coming. I rubbed the oil around and pushed the skin gently behind his head. He just slid right into my hands. He cried for 5 seconds then looked at us. He was content being held. Henry and I cut the cord together we let it beat for about 5 minutes first then cut it. Henry took him into our room to wipe him off a little while I took a shower. I delivered the placenta in the shower 10-15 minutes after Aaron was born then I crawled into bed and Aaron started nursing.

The experience was so beautiful Henry and I were thrilled. I prayed a lot while I was in labor. I put it into God's hands and let his will be done. Aaron is so alert and healthy looking I wouldn't change a thing. We went to the lactation consultant and they immediately commented on how bright eyed he is. The lady said he was born at home wasn't he? They always look so bright eyed when they are born at home.

I couldn't have done it without my husband's support. He was there for me and was thoughtful and sensitive to my needs. He gave me the strength I needed to believe in myself and my body that I could do this.

Hospital's are a wonderful place for sick people and people with complications I fell into neither of those categories. I had excellent prenatal care and I knew everything was perfect for a home birth. Sure there were lots of risks, but there is a risk driving to the store or just walking out your front door and falling down the steps. I put Aaron's birth into God's hands. He was with us the whole time watching over us. I believe everything is already written in the book of life if something was going to happen it would have happened no matter where we were.

We love you Aaron you are truly a gift from God.