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Monday, 01 December 2008 08:08
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Contractions began Monday afternoon around 1 PM. I ignored them thinking they were more of the annoying "fake" ones. They were there all day but I refused to acknowledge them, until after dinner. By 8 PM, I was beginning to wonder if maybe this was it. By 10 PM they were regular and about 5 minutes apart. I was having to concentrate through them now and they were getting stronger. At 11 PM I called the midwife to let her know what was going on and we sent the older boys to my Mom's "just in case".

We walked and walked outside. They were getting more intense and I needed Rob to get through them now. They were 5 minutes apart and about a minute long. At 12:30 we called the MW assistant as she lived an hour away. During that hour we got the house ready and made the bed. I was checked and found to be 4 cm and was pleased!!! Beth went on the couch to get some sleep and we headed back outside. It was a beautiful night and we just walked and talked and stopped during a contraction. It was great!!

I was so excited to be in labor and was not scared at all. I was so fine in between contractions I kept wondering if this was real. I had expected to get scared and for it to be harder to handle. We kept active all night long working at the contractions and just enjoying it!! I tried to lay down but the contractions were overwelming and I had no control when I was laying down, so we stayed upright. I have no clue how I would have done a hospital birth, the thought of the bed was terriffing. I wanted control and was not getting it on the bed.

I did get a few minutes peace once when I layed down. I was able to cat nap inbetween a few contractions. However, they began spacing out and I knew rest won't birth a baby so we got back up. I felt re-charged and ready for more. By morning Rob was getting tired so I called my friend Sherry ,who was planning on attending the birth, to come help me. She arrived at 6:30 AM and I was dialated to 6cm and still coping but it was getting rough. Rob went for a nap and Sherry and I walked outside and things got real then. The contractions were getting stronger and closer together. I was doing well but was tired and started to get weapy. Rob woke up just in time!!

It got real intense real quick after that. They got to be so strong and close. I knew I was in transition and did get a little scared. I was still able to stay on top of most of the contractions by leaning on Rob while Sherry rubbed my back and looking Beth in the eyes. I also had this strange thing of tapping on the wall in a rhythm during a contraction. The tapping turned to pounding as the morning wore on :-0

I knew I was in transition and was so curious how far dialated I was but was scared to find out. I was scared of having to do this for many more hours. I did end up asking for a check and was found to be almost 8 cm and was not pleased!!! I cried so hard. I thought I had hours and hours of this to go yet. Everyone tried telling me it would go quicker now but I was so tired, I didn't believe them.

We went back outside and I regained some control. After a while I could feel the baby moving down. There was such a unique feeling now in my bottom. The midwife Linda came sometime during this.

We were in my room and I was so tired and not handling the contractions at all. All of a sudden, I got this high feeling, like from a drug. The contractions seemed to slow down and I just sat there zoned out and loving it!! It felt so good!! I had quite a few minutes of this. My body knew I needed a break and gave me one!!! I needed that was able to handle labor once again. A little while later I was loosing it. They were so intense!! I was still leaning on Rob and poor Sherry was rubbing my back so hard but it was never hard enough :-)

Looking Linda and Beth in the eyes helped me stay as focused as I could. Linda asked to check on baby's heart rate so I had to lay on the dreaded bed. Once there I realized that I was in no less control on the bed and decided to stay for a while. A few contractions later I felt a funny feeling. They said it was time to push. I didn't believe them and asked to be checked. I was fully dialated and he was coming!!

I was in a terrible position and tried to move but he was coming and I couldn't move. Pushing hurt and the urge to push was not real strong. I fought the contractions and had my butt and legs so tense while pushing. They all tried to explain what I was doing but I just couldn't help it.

I started to feel like I was going to tear up top and panicked, getting more tense and making it worse!! He came pretty quick despite me fighting it. I only pushed for 12 minutes total. Just before his head was crowning Sherry told me to feel his head and I wouldn't. She took my hand and made me feel his head. I got some strength from that. Rob and Sherry had been using a cold wash cloth for my forehead but I wanted so much cold water. Sherry had a bowl with ice water at the side of the bed and they ended up pouring the water all over me. That felt sooo good!!

His head crowned and it didn't burn as bad as I thought it would. Once his head was out, I was reaching down saying "Give him to me" but his sholders weren't even out yet :-) I was so happy I didn't want to wait!!

His sholders were out and I brought him to my belly. I cried over and over "I DID IT"!!! He was awake but not crying. I had no idea how good that would feel to reach down and carry my child from my vagina onto my chest. He was slippery and warm and beautiful!! I did have one small tear up top but it is healing fine without stitches. I had no idea how I would feel after all this. I knew it would be a good experience, but what I felt when I grabbed my baby was unreal!!! My body birthed a baby!!! No pitocin, drugs or surgery was needed for me to have a baby!! I DID IT!!! I endured this and am proud :-) I no longer think women who plan natural births are nuts!! I now know why!! This birth was more than I ever dreamed of!!