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Sunday, 10 May 2009 19:54

I apologize in advance if this story is "long-winded" or wordy.  However, I cannot describe my daughters miraculous entry into the world without first starting at the beginning.

 When I found out I was pregnant with my little girl....I was floored.  HOW MANY TIMES can someone get pregnant on birth control?  This would have been the 4th time.  I made up my mind that I was NOT going to get excited.  I had already been through 3 miscarriages...and so I didn't want to face the disappointment again.

My pregnancy started out terribly.  My morning sickness was wretched.  I have the firm belief that whoever made up the term "morning sickness" has obviously never experienced it.  I would rather term it "Morning-noon-night sickness".  I also had spotting and severe cramping every day for the first 8 weeks of my pregnancy.  My husband and I had chosen a "high-risk" OB due to my 3 previous miscarriages.  He believed that I needed to be on progesterone suppositories because he considered THAT the reason I had lost my 3 precious babies.  During my first ultrasound he ALSO found a sub-chorionic uterine he put me on strict bedrest for the next month.  When I hit 5 months I started having I was put on bedrest to keep me from going into preterm labor.  

 At 7 months I came down with a HORRIBLE flu...and actually went into preterm labor due to dehydration.   I was put on Brethine to control contractions...and was ordered to stay on bedrest.  At 32 weeks I began dilating...and continued to contract.  I was again told to stay on dose of brethine was increased...and I spent 12 hours in the hospital for a Non-Stress Test.  

FINALLY, at 36 weeks I convinced my doctor that enough was enough...and I BEGGED for a scheduled induction.  He scheduled me for July 3, 2007.  I would have been 39 weeks at the time.  

On July 2, the day before my scheduled induction, I went to the dr for a standard check up.  I was dilated to 4 cm and 80% effaced.  However, my membranes were still fully intact.  My doctor joked that I may not make it to the next day...and I laughed thinking, "Yeah...after 5 months of her trying to get here...I doubt she will come THAT easily now!"

I was I drove home...and laid down for a nap.  My husband came home for lunch 3 hours later and when I woke up, I immediately went to the bathroom....when I wiped...there was alot of bloody mucus...and being that it was my first pregnancy...I decided that I should PROBABLY go to the hospital.  I already had my bag packed (since we were going to be induced the next day) so off we went.  I wasn't in ANY pain at I drove...HAHA.  I know my husbands driving when we are NOT in this type of situation...and I wanted to get there in one piece.

When I arrived at Labor/Delivery I was given a pelvic and hooked up to the monitors although the nurse didn't really say much.  I thought that maybe I was just being overly cautious and that they were going to send me home...until the nurse came BACK in and handed me a hospital gown.  I said..."Is everything okay?  I am being admitted?"  She said, " are dilated to a 6...and having regular, intense contractions.  Are you not in ANY pain?!"  I said, "nope...none at all!"  My husband and I laughed because I am the BIGGEST baby when it comes to pain!

My water was broken at 5:45pm...and I opted for an epidural...(rather my husband talked me into it....even though I didn't think I needed it)  FINALLY at 9:45 I just sensed that something was up...and I asked to be checked again.  I was a 10 and her head was RIGHT there.  The nurses had me do a couple practice pushes....and then yelled at me and told me to stop because the doc wasn't there yet!  My doc showed up at 10...and I started pushing.  5 minutes, and 3 pushes daughter was born at 10:08pm.  Addyson Grace.  She weighed in at 7lbs 12 oz...and was 18 inches long.  

Overall, compared to my pregnancy....labor was a BREEZE.  However, in spite of how HORRIBLE pregnancy was...I was ready to do it again immediately....

We didn't get pregnant immediately...but...we are currently TTC #2!  My husband went from wanting 1 wanting 2 maybe 3.  We LOVE being parents...and everyday I am absolutely amazed by my little girl.  Right now...parenting is a breeze for us...even though we are currently navigating the terrible twos.  :)  My daughter is definitely a gift from God....and I can't wait to see what kind of woman she becomes!

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