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Wednesday, 18 February 2009 10:45
October 17th, 2001, was the most wonderful day of my life, next to the day I married my husband. This is a record of the events leading up to that day.

On February 5th, on my way to work, I decided to stop by Wal-Mart and pick up a pregnancy test. My period was only a day late, however, I just had this feeling. Let me tell you, the stupidest thing I ever did was to take the test first thing in the morning at work, and by myself. When that pink line immediately appeared, I was in complete disbelief. Never in a million years did I think I would become pregnant in our first month of trying. The first person I let know was my mom, even before my husband. I was afraid to call him at work with the news and I just had to tell someone. Mom of course talked me into calling Steve right away and telling him. I first asked him if he would meet me at home. He thought someone died, so I had to tell him on the phone. He was indifferent to the whole thing. Neither excited nor upset. He just didn't know what to think. We were trying to conceive, however, it's a really scary thought when it actually happens. I made a doctors appointment for that Wednesday to confirm the results. Sure enough, it was confirmed and I was given the due date of October 18.

February 9th was my birthday, and on my way to work, the roads were really icy, I was in a car accident in which I totaled our brand new 2 door vehicle. Luckily for all parties involved, no one was seriously injured. The doctor told me to take it easy and if I had any spotting, call them right away. Everything appeared fine for a couple of days, and then I began to spot just a little. In most cases that is normal and doctors don't usually get too concerned, however with the accident, they had me come in right away for an ultrasound. Luckily, the doctor immediately found the heartbeat. It was so amazing to see nothing except this little "blurp" on the screen to know that that "blurp" would soon turn into a full fledge being.

Steve joked around and said that if I really wanted a new 4 door (apparent reasons) vehicle for my birthday, all I had to do was ask. There was no need to total the vehicle.

At my next monthly appointment, the doctor was able to hear the heartbeat already and then just for the fun of it, decided to do another ultrasound. That little "blurp" now had a head, arms, legs and a body. She was just flipping around in there going every which direction. Very active. (nothing like her mother)!! The measurements of the baby were showing a week bigger than what they should be at this time. The doctor scheduled yet another ultrasound about 19 weeks to get more accurate measurements and determine the actual due date. We had the option of finding out the sex at this time and tried to, but the umbilical cord was right between her legs. The doctor's best guess was a girl, but not to go and buy anything pink. This time, the babies eyes were opening and closing and looking right at us. It was so just so incredible. The due date was moved up a week to October 11th as it still measured big.

My pregnancy went along great, no morning sickness or anything. I even played in a summer volleyball league. We also continued to camp and canoe as we love to do. We tried to make the most out of our summer as it was going to be the last "alone" one we would have. September 3rd, I went to bed around 9pm and woke up an hour later in extreme pain. The pain was coming every 3-5 minutes apart. It was nothing like what I thought contractions should feel like, but then what did I know. The pain never went away, it just intensified every couple of minutes. I called the hospital about an hour later. They told me to drink (4) 8 oz glasses of water and walk around a little bit. This did not help. I called them back about 45 minutes later and they told me to come in. Once we got there, I was hooked up to the fetal monitors and sure enough, I was having full fledge contractions. They decided to give me a shot of something to see if they would stop. Luckily they did. We spent about 4 hours in the hospital that night. No fun. I found out later that I was not the only one to go into the hospital that night for early labor. There was a full moon that night so the nurses were making jokes about that.

Both Steve and I were to be in a wedding on the 15th of September that was 4 � hours away from our hospital. It was decision time as we weren't sure we should go and participate or not. We had all of our hospital bags packed and the carseat and off we went. I'm glad we did as nothing happened (of course) and we had a wonderful time. Our friends joke about the pictures and the "sixth bridesmaid".

October 11th came and went with nothing. I had been having plenty of regular braxton hicks contractions, but nothing. I had a doctors appointment October 15th. We decided to induce on the sixteenth. I went in that night and they gelled my cervix. At this time, I was dilated to a whole 1-2 and my cervix was posterior. Hopefully the gel would change all of that. They sent us home and told us to come back at 7 the next morning. We did, and I got "gelled" again. My cervix had softened and tilted more forward. I hadn't dilated any more though. We were sent home yet again and told to come back at 3 that afternoon for another round of gel. About 10:30, one of the nurses called and said the doctor wanted me back in at 12:15. We again, went back. This time when the nurse checked me she stripped my membranes and was able to stretch my dilation to 4. The doctor came in then and also checked me and he said I was 5cm dilated. All through this I was having very mild contractions. The doctor told us to stick by and go for a walk and come back in at 3. There is a park right by the hospital so we walked around there. It was a beautiful day so we enjoyed it very much.

We made lots of phone calls to let everyone know what was going on. We went back in at 3. I hadn't dilated any more and the baby was still very high. They did but didn't want to break my water at this point. About 4 we decided to start the pitocin to get things rolling along. Hopefully this would bring the baby down onto my cervix. At 5 the nurse checked me and told me that the baby was right where she should be and now was the time to break my water. That was a very strange feeling. Once my water was broke, the contractions were coming with a little more pain. Still nothing like what I thought. I expected lots of pain.

Time started to slip away from me at this point. I don't really remember too much. I tried the whirlpool for a while and that didn't help ease any of the pain. At some point, I was given nubain. All this did for me was to put me asleep between contractions. It didn't take any edge off of the pain. Not that the pain was terrible yet. I was still managing quite well. About 8:30, the pain was getting more intense and I swore the baby was going to break my tailbone as that is where all the pain was. The doctor suggested fentanol so I said great. That again did nothing for me. The pain was getting unbearable. I screamed for an epidural while I was contracting. Once it was over, I decided I wanted just the intrathecal.

At this point I am dilated to 6-7.The nurse went to go get the doctor and while she gone (a whole 15 minutes) I told Steve I had to push. Just then, the doctor and nurse walked back in. They checked me and sure enough I was at 10 and told to go ahead and push with the next contraction. The pushing was horrible!!! I didn't feel like I was getting anywhere. I dreaded each contraction. Finally after 45 minutes, I pushed out my baby girl. Once she was delivered the doctor guessed she weighed 9lb 6oz. WRONG!!! Try 10lbs 5oz. 21 inches. We knew she was going to be big, however not quite that big.

Considering this was my 1st baby, the labor was really short and the pushing as well, especially for her size. Her apgar scores were 8 & 9. She is absolutely wonderful. I never knew I could love another as much as I love her. She is just such a joy to both her father and I.