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Wednesday, 18 February 2009 10:39
Our daughter was due on March 12,1997. My Dr. decided to induce labor on March 6th. We arrived at the hospital at 6:00 am and the Dr. broke my water at 7:00. I was already at 3 centimeters. I got the epidural at 11:00am and waited to dialate. I was very irritated when then I remained the same at 3:00 and was convinced that I would be there for a very long time. I started to feel a little discomfort at 5:00 and the nurse boosted my epidural but the pain did not go away. She decided to check me and I was complete. I started to push at 5:15 my Dr. arrived in time to deliver my baby at 6:13pm. I thought that I had a great delivery and was very happy to finally have my beautiful baby girl. Tipping the scales at 8lbs and 5 oz. The rest just seemed to fall into place. By 10:00 that night she was in my arms breast feeding and was completly content with her new world.