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Wednesday, 18 February 2009 10:26
I was due on December 30,2001. I kind of expected I would be late for several reasons. First of all, most first time mothers are late. Secondly, my normal menstral cycle is 35-40 days, so how could I assume that a 28 day cycle calculater would be accurate for me. I was late, 10 days.

I had a very good pregnancy. I exercised four times a week. I felt great, except for the unbearable heartburn and pregnancy insomnia. I gained the right amount of weight (35 pounds). So, when my due date came and went I wasn't surprised. I waited. My Dr wanted to induced me after five days so My DH and I went to the hospital on Friday, Jan 4th to be induced. When I got admitted and they were getting me prepared, I suddenly felt that the time wasn't right. I needed to give the baby a chance to come out on her own. I felt I was being rushed by my Dr. Since all my tests and fluids were fine the Dr said if I wasn't ready to go home and wait the weekend. He would see me on Monday, by then I would be 8 days overdue.

I thought for sure I would go into labor. No such luck. I had lost my mucus plug after trying some labor-inducing sex, but even that proved fruitless. By Sunday night, I told DH I just couldn't be pregnant ONE MORE DAY and that I intended on asking to be induced.

On Monday evening, I went to the Dr. My fliuds were very low. He said gor right to the hospital. On the way Dh and I had a fender-bender witht he car in front of us. I got so upset, with everything, I started crying. DH didn't know what to do. When we arrived, I was given cervidil(about 10pm) and demerol and went to sleep for the night. After 12 hours the cervidil did nothing (I was 2 centimeters and 80 % since 39 weeks) so at 11am they inserted another cervidil for 12 more hours. Sometime on Tuesday evening, I began having back labor. My mom stayed while DH went home to get some rest for the impending delivery. By 8pm, I was in so much pain unless I was standing or walking. So Mom and I walked the halls. The nurses kept trying to get me to lay down with the monitors, but it was just too painful and I would complain the whole time.

At 11pm, the Dr. removed the cervidil, I was finally soft enough to start the dreaded pitocin. Now you must understand how I feared pitocin. I read so many birth stories that I knew the pain and havoc it wreaked on your unsuspecting uterus. I was moved to an L and D room and at 12 midnight they started the pitocin. ( I remember looking up at the bag on the IV that said "pitocin" and I thought this is really it!

OK - not 20 minutes later the contractions hit fast and furious. These hurt - I mean imagin a charly horse in your calf - now magnify that pain about 50 times, then imagine the pain covering most of your middle region - stomach, back, pelvis. You have to move around and shake your head and FORGET that breathing crap, it doesn't help. You want to grab somebody and moan until it stops. My Dh said after about 5 hard contractions, "You just started- how are you going to handle this?" What?! You try this pain for 5 minutes!! At that moment, I begged for the epidural - anything, right now, please, I'm dying. My nurse gave me a shot of Demerol- to supposedly take the edge off. HA! I laugh at that drug! Spit on it! PLease hurry with the epidural.

Then he came - The nurse sent My DH out. You must not be distracted...perfectly still...through a mind-blowing contraction. The nurse stood in front of me, I grabbed her forearms and concentrated as hard as I could on not moving - Fear of paralysis I'm sure kept me from moving. WAIT! only one side feels numb --what's happening....just wait, he says, it will kick in. It did, thank GOD. I went to sleep. It was 1 am. I was 3 centemeters. I had a fitful night- I felt too good. The pitocin can't be working. I don't even feel contractions. The monitor hardly registers them. What's going on?? I call the nurse. She says, Don't worry everything is fine. She leaves. Oh no! now I have to pee. I call her back. DH is sleeping. It is 5am. I throw my legs over the side of the bed and pee on myself. Ugh! I stand up and gushes of water come out - so much it scares me! Wake my DH - Get the nurse! I throw up. She cleans me up and I get back in bed. Try to sleep now (it's 6am) - the big event is coming. It is Wednesday, January 9th at 9am. My Dr comes in, checks my cervix. I expect 5 or 6 centimeters. Ready, Leanne? You're at 10 centimeters. What? Oh, thank you, God. I was hoping to avoid a C- section and now I really felt we might.

DO NOT read any further if you don't want the truth!

People don't really tell you how much pushing a baby out of your body hurts. Maybe it's loss of memory, maybe, for some it really doesn't hurt too bad. But formost, I'm afraid, it hurts, more that mere words could explain, though I'll try my best.

I pushed, on a bed with handle by my sides, for 2 hours. We stated at 10:45. At approximately, 11 am my epidural ran out. I felt a nervous energy come over me. The longer this takes, the more pain I'll feel. Great nurses are key here. Mine was like a cheerleader, so was my Dr. They scearm at you while you're pushing. Come on! Give it all you got! PUSH, PUSH! You're doing it! GREAT! You really need that- believe me you can fake it - you don't have to push that hard - they won't know the difference - except the baby won't come out! I changed positions once - it made me throw up. No one tells you- you might throw up a few times. At this point, How am I feeling? Well, my thoughts were mostly - I can't do this - I'm so tired- beyond exhaustion. I'm feeling pain in my pelvis - sharp pain like a knife is lodged there. Why are my contractions so far apart? I want to get this over with! Why is the Dr leaving the room??? Now, when the time comes that the baby is actually coming out - things move around you very quickly. Drs. and nurses get in scrubs, lots of sheets are placed on you. When the last push came the one where my baby entered this world. My thought at the time was, "I'm dying, here I am in the most horrible pain and now I am dying." Of course I wasn't dying, but I felt like I was. Her head felt like a truck was driving through my body (unbelievable pain and pressure). Her body felt like 5 snakes just slithered out of me. But no pain. The placenta felt like a huge soft jellyfish oozing out. No pain with that either. The stitches pinched and pulled but at that point I didn't care. I didn't care about anything, I was truly delirious. I nursed her as soon as I had her in my arms. I loved her immediately, all was almost forgotten. I remembered it all to write this birth story.

Leah Rose was 7 pounds 12 ounces; born at 12:55pm on 1/9/02. She is perfect in every way and the joy of my life.