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Wednesday, 18 February 2009 10:05
This story is written a year after my daughter's birth. I am preparing for my son's birth in March. Mattie was due on December 15, but did not arrive until the 21st -- I was scheduled for an induction on the 22nd. Near midnight on the 18th, I went to the hospital with contractions every 4 min, lasting for about a min. They kept me until the morning of the 19th, and I was due at the doctor's for an appt the morning of the 20th. I was not dialated but I was slightly effaced, I think around 60%. While there, he stripped my membranes which really hurt, and sent me home. The middle of the night on the 21st, I had more contractions, but I was embarrassed to go back to the hospital. Finally went, and when I got there, they decided to keep me, and started a morphine drip which allowed me to sleep through the night. Then next morning at 9 am, they started a Pitocin drip, and I responded much better than they expected, and had very strong contractions. They broke my water, which didn't hurt, and also started an internal monitor which didn't hurt, even though they had to reinsert it 4 times, because Mattie had so much hair, it kept falling off. Probably around noon, my contractions were so intense, at one time, I was standing on the bed, saying "I'm going home" and I was wild eyed and crazy, according to my husband. I was on oxygen most of the time throughout my labor. Contractions were lasting for a minute and a half, and there was only about 30 sec. in between. When I was 8 cm dilated, I finally broke down and got an interthecal, which is like an epidural, but is a single shot and only lasts about 1-2 hours. They turned off the pitocin, and I actually fell asleep from about 2-3. When I woke up, they started the pitocin again, which I BEGGED them not to, and the contractions hit me full force within minutes. I had a huge urge to push, and only had to push through about 3 contractions, or about 15-20 min. Pushing felt good to me, it was a relief. Mattie quickly slipped out, and I tore badly, but didn't even realize it! They cut her umbilical cord right away, and gave her oxygen. She scored an 8 on her first Apgar, and a 9 on the second. She weighed 8 lbs. and was 20 inches exactly. She was perfect!! My entire labor took 6 hours, so I am hoping that my second will go even quicker!