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Monday, 15 December 2008 10:32
I was 7 months pregnant when my husband was sent to Saudi Arabia for 4 months with no chance of returning to be with me during the birth of our first child. I then flew back home to be near my family.

I was due on December 6th. I was dialated to 2cm 3 weeks early and then developed a "pregnancy rash" and horrible swelling. I had been 105lbs before pregnancy and now I was 162lbs. I was miserable!!!

On December 3rd at 9am, I started having strong contractions every 4 minutes. My mother and I waited untill noon to go to L&D. When we got there I was still 2cm... talk about disappointment. I walked all over the L&D floor, I did my breathing with every contraction, and even took advantage of the jacuzzi in my room.

By 4am on the 4th I was so tired, shaking uncontrollably and still hadn't made much progress. I gave in and took the epidural.

At 7am, the dr came in and examined me and my water broke. Seeing as how my labor was progressing so slow he ordered Pitocin.

At 1pm I started pushing (nurses said I was doing great. Baby's head was crowning so the doctor came in. After at least 2 hours of pushing he gave me a few choices. I could have a C-Section, continue pushing (he advised it wouldn't help) or use forceps and in 2 pushes have my baby. He made the forceps sound like the best option.

Well it didnt happen like he said. I had 2 large nurses on my stomach pushing and I could feel a weird sensation around my hips like I was being pulled apart. Then he went in to try to manuever her shoulders and her heart rate dropped to 60. As he turned her the humorus bone in her arm snapped in his hands. Finally she was out but not breathing on her own. With a little assistance she started breathing. Sydnie Anastacia weighed 9lbs 3/4oz and was 21 1/2in. long .... no wonder there was shoulder distoycia. Her APGARS were 6-9. They placed a cast on her arm soon after birth.

1 day after being released from the hospital she was admitted into NICU with possible seizures. She was there for 2 days and the doctors didn't see any seizures and they released her giving me an explanation of swelling from the forceps going down causing them.

Now three months later she has no lasting effects and thank god no nerve damage to her arm. She and daddy are getting along great after a stormy adjustment period.

I wanted to tell my story to let people know the dangers of forceps. I would never want anyone to go through what we went through.