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Wednesday, 18 February 2009 09:16
Finding out I was pregnant, left me thrilled, a little shocked, and feeling wonderful inside. (Well until the morning sickness kicked in). Anyways thrilled because my husband and I wanted a baby so badly and we had lost our first one in a miscarriage six months before. It left me a little shocked because my husband and I had a hard time conceiving the first one, and we really expected the same difficulty the second time around. My pregancy was pretty uneventful until I was 24 weeks along and I started experiencing some pain. And my doctor fearful of premature labor because of my history put me on disability. Luckily the pains went away after a lot of rest but 2 weeks later I found out I had gestational diabetes. I went to a nutritionalist who taught me how to eat better and how to eliminate sugar from diet. Which was very hard because my one craving was chocolate ice cream. Anyways because of the diabetes I had to go to my doctor's twice a week for non-stress tests and had numerous ultrasounds.(we found out it was going to be a boy) I thought my husband was going to do backflips when he found out. He was so happy. My doctor decided to induce my labor at 39 weeks, because the baby was large. I went in for my weekly checkup on a Monday morning and he told me I was already 2 centimeters dilated. So at 3:00 that afternoon we headed to the hospital, where at 6:00 he inserted cervidal to start labor faster. At 9:00 that night the contractions finally started about 10 minutes apart. At 10:30 my water broke and my contractions went to every couple minutes. I was having a lot of back labor so my husband kept rubbing my back continuously. Which helped some but not alot. And I was feeling nauseous too. When the nurse checked me and said I was still only 2 centimeters hours later I couldn't believe it all this pain and no progress. Somehow I made it through until morning through showers, rocking and more backrubs. Finally at 6:00 the next morning my doctor came in and started pitocin, which seemed to make the contractions stronger and closer together. By 9:00 he checked me again and I was 5 centimeters and told me I could get an epideral and through the pain I said YES! Almost immediatly after they put it in I started feeling like I had to push. I kept thinking this isn't what I thought an epideral would feel like, I didn't even have a chance to rest. And my legs kept shaking uncontrollably. The nurse checked me and said I had dialated to 10 centimeters and was ready to push. I think I pushed about 5 times when they noticed the babys heartbeat was dropping everytime I pushed so they decided to deliver him through an emergency C-section, and because it was an emergency and they put me under with general anethsia, my husband couldn't come in. But 10 minutes later at 1:42 in the afternoon my son Nicholas David was born weighing 8lbs 10.8oz. He was healthy and fine, the doctor said he didn't know why his heartbeat kept dropping, but he wanted him to be safe. And it was worth it, He was perfect, everything we imagined him to be and more. My husband couldn't have been more proud holding his son and as I watched them, I realized we were now not just husband and wife but a real family.