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Monday, 16 February 2009 08:31
Let me preface this story by telling you that this is my fourth baby and fourth boy! I had very easy births for the first three with no meds and no problems. I think that God wanted to humble me and my cocky attitude toward giving birth, so he sent me this problem birth.

My pregnancy was rough. I had very severe morning sickness with IV hydration and meds for about five months. I then developed pregnancy- induced diabetes. It was a tough row to hoe! I had to take care of my other boys too, and my husband is a pretty busy guy as well!

I went to see my nurse midwife for my weekly appointment on the 14th of November. I was planning to have her break my water on the 24th and get me started, since I was already at a five and had been for a week or so. I wanted to wait until after the holiday before I had the baby. Sharon checked me and said that I was totally effaced and a 5+. She said she would like for me to have the baby that day. I didn't want to and didn't really feel good about it, but I agreed. My blood pressure was up and there was a snowstorm on the way. We were afraid that we would have a problem getting to the hospital in time if my water broke on its own. We live about 45 minutes from the hospital, and snow makes it tough to travel. I left the office and went to a friend's house to make plans for childcare and to call my husband. I just didn't feel good about the whole thing though, so I called Sharon back and told her I just didn't want to do it today. She said that it would be a good idea to just get it over now, and not worry about the storm and such.

I finally got on my way to the hospital and really wished that I wasn't going. I know that it sounds crazy! When you are that pregnant all you want to do is have that baby!

When I arrived they did the normal preliminary stuff, and then Sharon arrived and broke my water. It was the hardest break she had ever had! We had a terrible time getting the bad to break. When it finally did it was clear, and that was a relief! My husband showed up an hour or so after, and we did the Jacuzzi and walked and walked. I felt like I wasn't dilating properly though. I just didn't have very effective good contractions. A few hours later I started getting down to business. I sat on a birthing ball, which was nice, and could feel the contractions getting serious. The nurse checked me, and said that I was at an 8. Then she said she thought she could feel an ear and that the head was presenting a little weird. I wasn't worried at this point. Sharon came and checked me and I could tell that something was really wrong by the look on her face. She told us that the cord was coming first and that I would have to have a c-section. UGH! I couldn't believe it. I didn't even have an IV when I had my babies. I had to get in the bum up head down position and Sharon had to keep the babies head off the cord. I got a shot of something to stop the contractions, and an IV and a few minutes later they were wheeling me through the halls with my midwife riding along on the bed. They gave me a spinal and got the baby out really quickly. I was really ill from the meds in the spinal, but everyone was so kind and helpful. Little Jared was fine and they never lost his heart tones. I am so grateful that I didn't try to have a home birth. He would have died.

The recovery was a lot harder. I couldn't lift my two year old for three weeks. I had a hard time asking for help and letting others do for me, another lesson in humility.

All is well that ends well. Jared is now 7 months old and the darling of the family. He crawls around getting into his brothers' things and smiling at everyone. I would do it all again for him!