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Friday, 14 November 2008 11:50
    My due date was Thanksgiving weekend as confirmed by a sonogram. That weekend came and went until finally in December my doctor felt that we should induce labor. So we scheduled the event for December 10. I couldn't eat or drink anything for the 12 hours preceding my admittance to the hospital.

      They broke my water and gave me the hormone to regulate my contractions. I waited, and waited. I had been dialated and over fifty-percent effaced for more than a month so I didn't expect it to take very long. I arrived at the hospital, as instructed, at 5:30am. They broke my water at 6:30am. About 8:00pm that night, I was RAVENOUS!! I hadn't eaten anything all day nor the night before. They were giving me water and ice while I was in labor but nothing else. My husband would go out into the lobby and advise the family in the waiting area of my progress (or lack of it), and about 8:00pm that evening he came back to "cheer me on" like the Lamaze instructor had advised. He got down close to me to coach my breathing. As soon as he said "IN, 2, 3, 4..." I could smell the chocolate on his breath. I nearly killed him! How DARE he have a chocolate bar while I was in here bringing HIS child into the world with NO NOURISHMENT WHATSOEVER!!! He should be suffering WITH me! I was so mad about that chocolate bar, I could have screamed. It's funny how calm I was about everything else, but that chocolate breath set me off.

      My son was delivered by C-Section at 10:20 that evening. My husband survived just fine and three years later we had a daughter. We still laugh about the chocolate bar, but ever since he makes sure that if he has a Snickers I have one too!