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Thursday, 12 February 2009 14:05
Well here it goes, It was April 7th, 2000. Me and a friend Kim were at the mall doing some shopping when I had told her that I was 9 days late for my period. I was in a relationship with this guy named Brett, we had our problems as with any other relationship, and I was not very happy at all. Kim immediately said well we are going to Shoppers now to buy a pregnancy test. I was so scared, a whole wave of horror and excitement rushed through me.

Well I bought the test, and could not wait to get home I decided to perform it there at the mall in the family washroom. As we stood there anxiously I read the directions, it said within 2 minutes you will see a blue and pink line appear for a positive result and no line for a negative. Well in less then 1 minute both lines were there, clear as day. I screamed, OMIGOD!!! I am having a baby. I was so shocked. Then a million thoughts ran through my mind. How was I going to tell my Mom, or my boyfriend for the matter. I am 21 and he is 23, he has 2 other girls from previous relationships.

As we finished our shopping I could not get over this emotional sweep, I started to cry, happy tears of course. I love children and was flabbergasted that I was gonna have my own. This whole time Kim running through the mall yelling "We're having a baby"

Now the hard part, I walked in my door and had this weird look on my face, my Mom immediately knew something was up. She was very easy going, and we have an amazing relationship. She raised me all by herself and we grew so close. I told her right away, "Mom I am pregnant" She looked at me and tears began to fill her eyes, she grabbed me and hugged me so hard. I was so happy that she was happy.

Now, to tell Brett. I picked up the phone and started to dial his number, when it rang my heart dropped, I knew he was not gonna be pleased. I mean this would be number three. I told him, "We are having a baby" he didnt say a word, which made me very upset, I was in my glory and was not going to let him ruin that. He told me that he had to go and would call me later.

I went back out to talk to my Mom and she comforted me and said that everything would be just fine. The next day I still had not heard anything from him, and just decided not to worry and he would call later, I made a doctors appoinment for the following day and laid down for a nap. The phone awoke me about 1 hour later and it was Brett, he was crying and he said that he could not deal with this right now and he would contact me at a later date. I just said "whatever" and hung up the phone. I had my Mom to support me and that is all that mattered. I picked up the phone and called all my friends to share my good news, they were all very supportive and I was so glad.

The next day I went to my appoinment and found out that I was already 7 weeks along, wow, this is going fast. I so bad wanted to go shopping for baby stuff, but was always told that it was bad luck to buy anything before the end of the first trimester. I went back home and wrote in my diary.

From this point everything was great, I was never sick, didnt even have morning sickness. I was taking folic acid and prenatal vitamins everyday. This is the way the whole pregnancy went, amazingly.

Before I knew it there I was in the doctors office for hopefully my last checkup, it was the day before I was 40 weeks. I went in and she did my internal exam and I was already 2 cm dialated. No contractions yet. She said that since my due date was the next day she would induce me if I wanted, I was so excited to meet the little person growing inside me that I didnt even hesitate, I said yes and she told me to go over to the hospital and she would be there soon to start the cervical gel.

I went over with my Mom and got prepped and put in to bed with the monitors, the heartbeat was very strong, and sounded beautiful, oh yeah I did not have the opportunity to find out the sex of my baby, because I was having a stubborn one. The doctor came over and inserted the gel, and gave me an IV with pitocin in it. Almost immediately I started to feel light cramping. It was a neat feeling and I was so relaxed it did not bother me at all. It was December 27, 2000. I went along like that for what seemes like forever, the internals hurting more and more, I was now only 3 cm dialated and it was almost 8 pm. The contractions were coming stronger and stronger, I wanted to go in the jacuzzi but there was someone laboring in that room, so I was not able to. I walked the halls for about an hour and finally went back to my bed. The doctor came in and broke my water, this was the most disgusting thing I had ever felt in my life. I was later to learn that I had about 12 pounds of water. After this the labor was really bad and I could not handle it anymore, I am a suck... I asked if I could have anything and they suggested an epidural. I am a hypochondriac so the thought of a needle in my spine with the risk of being paralyzed scared me to death. But I just could not handle this anymore, I agreed and it was the most amazing thing in the world, besides the fact that I couldnt feel my legs or anything. I made them keep checking me to make sure I was not paralyzed and I think I kind of annoyed them. I ended up having an amazing sleep that night not being able to feel anything, the next morning the nurse woke me and checked me again, to my horror I was still only 3 cm dilated. Now after the water is broken they only have 18 hours before infection sets in. It was getting close. The monitor then began to beep loudly and the nurse called for another one and shouted "We have tracachardia in here".

I was crying and yelling what does that mean, is my baby alright..nobody was answering me which was making me mad. Finally one of the nurses said it meant the baby's heartrate was dangerously low and an emergency c- section would be needed. I panicked, I had never had any form of surgery before so I freaked. I had like 8 nurses and the doctor in my room prepping me. I was so scared.

The wheeled me up to the OR and began the section, I had my Mom by my side holding my hand, and I was starting to fall asleep, because of the morphine and demerol and I must have had every drug know to man. I was so tired and my Mom kept waking me. Finally I felt this tug and some crying, it was so amazing. Here she is...I cryed, oh Mom I got my girl. I wanted a little girl from day one.

They cleaned her, wrapped her and handed her to my Mom, she started cying then the baby burped, blew a bubble and smiled at the doctor, it was so cute. I will never forget that.

The next thing I remember was awaking in the recovery room by a nurse pressing on my abdomen, it hurt so much, but she told me she had to make sure I was not hemmoraging. Then after about 1 hour I was wheeled to the nursery to see my beautiful little girl. She was 7lbs 11 oz and 21 inches long. She had a whole head full of dark brown hair and big blue eyes. She looked just like her daddy, which made me cry because her daddy was not even there or interested in being in her life. It was a very happy and sad time all in one.

I was to stay in the hospital for 5 days, through this time I had my Mom stay with me, and I had alot of visitors, I was in so much pain for most of the time. I loved being able to breastfeed her and she was such a little pro at it.

I named her Ciera Breeze. I had picked it out as one of the many maybes but when I saw her it just fit. I was finally able to go home on January 1 and was so happy to finally be a Mom.

Ciera is now 5 months old and so advanced for that age, she is rolling both ways and gurgles and coos so much. I love being a Mom and a single one at that, I like having her all to myself, and I wouldnt change her for the world. Her father has seen her only twice, and he is a big jerk in my books. I am still trying to understand how someone could totally deny such a beautiful thing.