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Friday, 14 November 2008 09:54
     My son is now 2 months old and doing good. My pregnancy with him was very difficult. Here is our story.

     My pregnancy started out fairly normal except for the occasional headaches I would get. When I was seven months pregnant, I had my routine glucose tolerance test. I did not pass it and was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. In the beginning of the diagnosis, I was controlling it with diet and exercise. Everything was going along smoothly.

      In my eighth month of pregnancy, I started having contractions five minutes apart. My doctor put me on turbutaline to stop the contractions. I had to take the medication every day. The medication I had to take made an increased jump in my blood sugar and had to start taking insulin injections twice a day in my stomach. Shortly after that I was diagnosed with severe preeclampsia. At this point, I was 36 weeks pregnant. My doctor decided that since my health was in danger from the preeclampsia that he would go ahead and induce labor. I was in labor for three days and had only dilated 1cm. So on the third day, he performed a caesarean section and my son was born. The nurses noticed that he was not breathing normally and whisked him away to the intensive care unit. My son was diagnosed with persistant primary hypertension and spent 15 days in the ICU. His condition healed itself and he is now back home and healthy. This will be my one and only child. I never want to go through all of those complications again. I know most pregnant women will be terrified if they ever read this, but these kind of complications can happen in pregnancy