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Thursday, 12 February 2009 12:48
I found out I was pregnant on March 20th, 1998. We were ecstatic even though we had not been trying (we were not yet married but 4 wks away). We waited until after we were married and were confirmed pregnant by the doctor's office and given a due date of Nov.9th before we told anyone. My pregnancy went along smoothly until June when I started having bladder spasms. We were instructed to cease intercourse because that was triggering them. I went into pre-term labor in late Aug. I was in my sister's wedding taking the medication to keep labor at bay and volunteered in the JimmyV Celebrity Golf Classic the same weekend. I sat in the cool clubhouse and met such celebs as Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley. They took me off the meds at 34 wks and if I went I went. I went to the doctor on Friday the 30th of Oct.and found out I was in early labor (no pains, just contractions). On Nov. 1 I got my "burst of energy" and took my dog for 1 1/2 hour walk around the neighborhood. My husband realized what was going on and told me to call the doctor on call.I called the doctor and he wanted me to go in the next day to be examined by him. I went in Monday morning and was only a fingertip dialated. I was at lunch on Teusday and started having contraction 4 mins apart ---off to the doctor's office again. The doctot told me that day that I was still just a fingertip dialated but I was 80% effaced. She said I would not make it till my next appt. I went to work on Wed. and nothing was happening. I went to church Wed. night and promptly lost my appetite around 6pm, I told my husband I will be in labor before midnight (he did not believe me). My contractions started around 10pm and I called the doctor on call and she told me what to do and I did and an hour later my contractions were 5 mins apart and 2 mins long, I called again and was told to come in. My husband thought it was yet another false alarm so we did not take any bags with me. My water broke at 4am and I was asking for my doctor and the nurse for lack of a better word informed me that I was only leaking. My contractions were one on top of the other and I could not get any rest between them. My doctor shows up at 6am and I asked her where the h--- she had been. The nurse had never told her that I was asking for her, I had only dilated 1 1/2 cm by 6am I got my epidural. I never saw that nurse again. At 8 am my new nurse showed up and she had a student nurse with her who was going to help her out that day. My meds kept wearing off so my meds had to be increased. The student nurse and my ob nurse can give the meaning to what it is to be a nurse. My bp had been going up on a steady basis but I was progressing so no need to worry. At 3pm they found the protein in my urine. Dr. Lassiter gave me the choice. I said one more hour to go from 8cm to 10cm. When he came back 30 mins later I had worsened in the fact that my bp was sky high and my daughter had started molding but was not in the birth canal. He told the nurses get her ready we are going in. My husband later told me that I was completely white and totally out of it. The rest of the story will be told by my husband's memory to me. They got me in the OR and Dr. Lassiter cursed the anesthiolgist and told him to hurry up because they did not have long to get her out. He did a c-section and my beautiful daughter was born at 5:15pm weighing 7lbs 4 oz. and 19 1/4 in long. She had black hair and blue eyes. She now has blonde hair and blue eyes. I remained in the unit for 2 days following my daughters birth fighting for life from the toxcemia. I do not remember Kathyrn's first three days of life. I finally remember holding her for the first time on Saturday afternoon when I was finally able to sit up. I was released on the following Teusday with strict orders to check my bp. I don't regret anything I went thru to have her, but I will do a c-section for the next one.