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Wednesday, 11 February 2009 10:48
I went to the doctor for my scheduled appointment on Wednesday, October 4, 2000. At that appointment the doctor was afraid that the baby was getting too big and wanted to induce labor. I have a small pelvis. He asked how the next day would be for me. I told him Thursday would be wonderful! So we were at the hospital by 7:45 am and were hooked up to some Pitocin. I was a fingertip dilated when I entered the hospital. Labor was going well. It wasn't that painful, but it wasn't a walk in the park either. Well, when my doctor came to check me I hadn't progressed at all (still a fingertip). He mentioned that he was worried that the baby couldn't get its head into my pelvis, because it was too small. That would keep me from dilating. They did break my water in hopes that would stimulate the baby to come down. He said he would be back in a couple of hours to check me again. When he came back I was still a fingertip and this was 5 hours into labor. So he ordered an epidural in hopes that would make the muscles in my pelvis relax so that maybe the baby's head could come down. That didn't work! Then it got worse. Every time I would have a contraction my baby's heart rate would go down. So they hooked me up to some oxygen and got a couple more nurses and my doctor back in there. That was the scariest moment in all my life. They decided to put some fluid back in case that was the problem. They did that and it didn't help. The heart rate was still dropping when I had a contraction. They would make me move into different positions to see if that would help at all. Nothing worked. Then my doctor checked me again and the umbilical cord was protruding through my cervix. He said we have to get the baby out! We have to do a c-section! Of course everyone in the room started crying! So they hurriedly got everything unhooked and wheeled me to the operating room. Once we were in there and everyone was ready the doctor asked if I was ready and I told him no, my husband wasn't here yet. They were having trouble finding scrubs to fit over my husbands shoes. Finally, right when the doctor was cutting me open, my husband walked in. It seemed like it took them forever to get our baby out, but it was only 3 minutes. The moment we saw our baby for the first time will forever be imprinted in my brain. It was so amazing! Wyatt Dylan Durden was born at 4:57 pm on October 5, 2000. It took 7 minutes from the time they said c-section to the time that Wyatt was born. We thank God every day for our beautiful, healthy son.