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Wednesday, 11 February 2009 10:41
December 7, 1999---Due date. Passes with no excitement, much to my dismay.

December 13, 1999---Doctor decides that we'll be put in the hospital December 16 to be induced. We're anxious, to say the very least.

December 14, 1999---Hospital calls to say they're going to be full on the 16th, which is a Thursday, so we should plan to be there Sunday the 19th. That would put me 12 days overdue. I am NOT happy, but what can I do?

December 15, 1999, 1 am---My sister arrives at the airport so she can be here for the birth. When she bought her tickets we were planning to be in the hospital the morning of the 16th, but now she's going to have to be here several days before we're induced. We go home and go to bed around 6 am.

10 am---My doctor's nurse calls and wakes me up to say we're back on for Thursday, so wake up and stay up so I can get plenty of sleep for my big day the next day. So I wake up, get my sister out of bed and end up being up all day long with no nap. We walk around a bunch and have lunch out before coming home to make sure everything was in order for our hospital stay. Reminder: had only slept 4 hours that morning. About 5:30 pm I start thinking I have gas. Around 6:30 I realize that these 'gas' pains are coming rather rhythmically. About every 6 minutes, to be exact. I say to myself that there's no way I'm in labor and I go about my way. Hmmm, I think, they're getting closer. Well by the time I tell my sister about them, they're about 4 minutes apart. I page Hunter's father, who's out buying a cd for me to listen to in labor, and tell him I think I'm in labor and he should come home NOW. I called a friend and told her I thought I was in labor, and since she'd had a child, she asked me what I was feeling. I told her it was a cross between really bad period cramps and uh-oh-I-need-to-use-the-restroom pains, and she said Yep! You're in labor!! So around 10 pm we get to the hospital. I've now been noticeably contracting for about 4.5 hours. They've been uncomfortable for about 2 hours. (Note: At my last appointment I was 75% effaced and not dilated at all. Had not lost mucus plug.) My contractions then were every 2-3 minutes and I was dilated to 2. Please note, when I started noticing the contractions they were 6 minutes apart, so not everyone can tell they're in labor for 12 hours before they have to go to the hospital. I decided to get into the jacuzzi tub for pain management, and this was wonderful!! Hunter's dad put a towel over my tummy and poured water over me when I'd have a contraction, and this plus my breathing methods got me through the next 2.5 hours!

December 16, 1999---Finally it was the most uncomfortable thing in the world for me to be in the tub, so I had to get out NOW! I used the pottie, my mucus plug came out, I freaked out, then the nurse assured me it was just the mucus plug and I felt like an idiot. Funny how you know these things are supposed to happen, yet when they happen to you they're just different!! Anyway, I tried walking to ease my discomfort, but this worked for about 5 minutes. It's now around 1 am and I ask for a shot. I get one. Stadol. Mmm Mmm Mmm, this stuff is almost worth having another baby for! I felt fine and dandy after this, I tell ya! My doc comes in around 2 and breaks my water. Not a pleasant experience, but one I could live with. Then the pains really got nasty. I ask for, and get, another shot of the Stadol, but this one only works for about 15 minutes. Around 3:30 I get my blessed epidural. I felt pretty good about myself; I'd noticeably been contracting for 10 hours, so I feel I did pretty well with putting the epidural off as long as possible. I was 5 centimeters. I then watch a movie (dumb me didn't want to sleep, afraid I may miss something of this wonderful experience). The nurse came in and decided to put me on Pitocin, but only 2 drips per hour, because I'd slowed down just a tad after the epidural. About 5:30 I start noticing that I can feel my contractions again, and I tell the nurse to get the anesthesiologist back in there. At 6 the epidural is completely gone and I'm screaming. I mean, it's been a few hours and all of a sudden I can feel them again, with no Stadol in my system, plus the 2 drips of Pit per hour . . . I thought I'd die. Finally (at 6:30) the anes. came in and topped me off again, and I decided I'd take a little nap, seeing as how I'd had so little sleep lately. Around 8 the nurses did their shift change and they woke me up to meet my new nurse. Okay, no problem, I've slept a little and I feel all better! My sister had been busily e-mailing people about the event to come, and Hunter's dad had been noisily sleeping beside me, and his mother had just arrived, so we were all there now. The nurse checked me around 8:30 and said I was complete and the baby was 'right there', so 'we' would start pushing soon. She called the doctor, got all the equipment in the room, and had me push once to see how I'd do. Well I'd never done this before and I warned her about this, but I tried. Apparently I did very well, because she made me stop for a minute. She got into her little blue outfit and called the doctor back, who said she was on the way. Words cannot explain how excited I was at this point. I'd changed clothes (as best as I could with an IV in my arm) so my new breastfeeding clothes wouldn't get bloody when they put my newborn on my chest, they'd draped the blanket across me to put him on, and we were ready! I pushed. I pushed some more. I kept pushing. 3 hours later, after my epidural had been gone again for about 2.5 hours, my doctor decided to tell me that she'd known from the beginning (when I was 6 weeks pregnant!) that I wasn't going to be able to have my child vaginally because I had an 'unusually shaped pelvis', and she'd go reserve an OR for a c-section. Mind you, she'd told me at my last appointment that everything was fine and she didn't foresee any complications or problems with my labor or delivery WHATSOEVER. This is the same woman who'd heard me time and time again agonize over how scared I was of having to have a c- section and how much I wanted to have a vaginal delivery so they could deposit my new son on my tummy while his father cut his cord. So about 30 minutes later, after they'd given me (spelling?) terbutaline to slow the contractions down and yet another dose of my epidural, we went to the OR. My beautiful son was born at 1:25 pm, and we were back in the room at 2.

My recovery period was awful. To start with, I was forced to get out of bed and walk around after only about 8 hours, instead of the 12 my doctor had told me about. Then I had my staples removed less than 48 hours after my surgery, and seri-strips were put in the place. After I went home my incision started leaking, so there went the steri-strips, now I have a gaping wound in my belly that is leaking this foul smelling, reddish tinted watery stuff, and I have to wear maxi-pads in my panties across my belly to soak up that disgusting stuff. The doctor (shouldn't I know not to trust her by now?!) tells me this is okay, just let the stuff drain. Okaaaay. So I let the stuff drain. Then I notice that my female parts are so swollen up that I look (this is gross, I know) like I have testicles. My sister says I look like an upside down hotdog bun. I go to the doctor. Again. By now this is about the 5th time post-partum, and my son is nowhere near a week old. She tells me that 'apparently' there was some water left in me from when she rinsed me out, and all of that water was either coming out of my wound, yay, or going down to my lower extremeites (spelling?) such as my female parts, legs, feet, etc. I end up having 950 ccs drained from my bladder in the ER and I live with a catheter for 6 days, including Christmas, before having it removed. THEN, because of the Percoset, I'm way stopped up, and after trying stool softeners, laxatives, Taco Bell, fruit, and finally a home enema, I'm told to go to the ER to have an enema there. Not a highlight of my life, let me assure you. Hmmm, well, finally I could tee-tee, I could 'the other thing', after about 3 weeks my wound closed up and I could take a bath again (!!!) and my son started gaining weight because I'd stopped breastfeeding, so life was getting better.

My advice is, get a referral for your doctor. I'd picked mine out of a book and it was the worst mistake I ever made. To think I put my life and my son's life in her hands. Makes me shudder!! Also, if you have to be on pain pills, TAKE STOOL SOFTENERS AS DIRECTED!!!! I was scared to take them and have to go pottie with this big gaping wound in my belly, but I found out that soft stool with a gaping wound would be infinitely preferrable to hard stool with a still somewhat gaping wound!!!

Anyway, my precious gift is now 15 months old, and I wouldn't trade him or my experience for anything in this world. Will I have another one? Doubtful. I feel like I've had enough of the trauma involved, and I certainly don't need to have another one anyway because I feel like the son I have is absolutely perfect in every way.

If you would like to see him, his pictures are at but they haven't been updated in a few months.