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Wednesday, 11 February 2009 10:05
I found out we were pregnant (after what seemed like trying forever!) on January 17, 2000. We were so excited. On January 25th, I started spotting and of course panicked, but luckily everything was OK.

Our first ultrasound was good. My ultrasound confirmed my due date of September 16. I was scheduled to go back at 30 weeks for another ultrasound because they couldn't get an accurate picture of the four heart chambers. Other than that my pregnancy was normal and uneventful until mid July when my first gest. diabetes test came back abnormal. I had to do the second three hour long test, but that one was fine too. The second ultrasound was successful and we got to see an even better picture of our little "peanut" as we had nicknamed him/her. We never did find out the sex, but started to refer to the baby as him just so we weren't impersonal!

On August 3, the wives from my husband's work threw me a baby shower. All day long I had been feeling very dragged down and "large". One of the ladies (who had two kids of her own) noticed how swollen my ankles were. She said "You need to call the doctor tomorrow". By the next morning I was so swollen that my legs would "pit" when touched. I called the doctor, who was on vacation! We live in a very small town - none of those big 5 doctor practices, so I had to call the only other OB in town. He fit me in later that day and put me on bedrest immediately. Incomparing my chart, I had gained 9 pounds in one week and my B/P was 155/120. I had to go to the hospital for a NST and then go home until I could get in to see my doctor the following week.

I went in that next Monday morning and the doctor diagnosed me with Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (PIH). I was on bedrest for the remainder of my pregnancy. Of course it was a sudden departure from work but everyone was very supportive. Three weeks later my husband had a business trip to D.C. and I was so scared that I would go into labor while he was gone, luckily I didn't!

Well, I had weekly doctor's visits as well as weekly NSTs at the hospital. Before I knew it my due date was just days away - it came and it went. I was getting very tired of being at home, and just couldn't wait for our baby to arrive. Finally, on Monday September 25th, the doctor checked me and said my cervix was appropriate for induction. "How does the 27th look?" the doctor asked. "It's my 29th birthday" I replied. We thought that would be kind of neat, so we went ahead and scheduled it.

I arrived that morning and received my first dose of Cytotec. Three hours later I received the second dose and another three hours later, my third dose. The doctor came in at 5pm or so and said "Well, we're going to keep you here overnight and start again in the morning. Hopefully tomorrow will go better." He gave me the OK to have real food so I gave my husband my order (Chinese food - my only craving the whole pregnancy). He joked "Anything else you would like queen?" I said "This baby!" and we just laughed.

20 minutes later I felt a very warm gush. I looked at my husband and my friend (massage therapist - very highly recommended) and said "I think my water just broke". They went and got the nurse who said "Oh, you're probably just leaking urine but I'll do a litmus test anyway". She did one and I was right, my water broke. The nurse said "Well, no dinner for you. Get ready for a long night." Great! I had been up since 3:30 am, but if my baby was coming, I was ready.

The next 2 hours went without anything. We walked the halls, I bounced on the ball, anything I could do to get contractions started. At around 9:30pm they started fast and furious. At 2:30am, I was so tired and cranky the nurse asked if I wanted her to call the doctor to see if I could get some pain medication to help take the edge off. I said "YES!". I received a dosage of Stadol which was great. I was able to rest between contractions and able to think a little clearer. At 7:30am the doctor came in and checked me - I was only at 1 CM! 8 hours of contractions and only 1?! Then he noticed some scar tissue from a previous surgery I had and felt it was stopping my cervix from dilating. He pushed threw and they started coming even faster!

I started begging for an epidural - they told me I had to wait until I was 4 CM - "They never wait on "A Baby Story", I said! They checked me again and I was already at 5 cm - I had progressed very rapidly. The doctor came in and said "I've ordered your epidural but all the anesthesiologists are in surgery so you're going to have to wait a while". 2 hours later, I received my epidural - I was in heaven. I was able to sleep for a little while. Then it was discovered that my contractions had stalled.

They were only coming now about once every 10 minutes (they had been every two minutes) and I was still only at 5 cm. The doctor came in at 4pm and said "We need to do a c-section". I was a bit upset, but at that point, I just wanted the baby out. I had been laboring for about 20 hours, I was tired. Plus, my water had broken 22 hours previous and they had to be careful of infection.

The result: A beautiful baby boy - James Bernard was born at 7:10pm on September 28th, 2000 weighing in at 8 lbs, 11 oz, 21 inches long.

I didn't share my birthday after all!