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Wednesday, 11 February 2009 10:04
I found out I was pregnant on the day I was supposed to start my period. I was on the pill, and knew when I would start right down to the hour. After a few hours of waiting I went and bought a pregnancy test, which turned out positive. My fiance and I had been dating 4 years and were getting ready for our wedding, which was 5 months away. Needless to say we were surprised, but excited at the same time. The first part of pregnancy went great. I didn't even feel pregnant until I first felt the baby move, which was the morning of our wedding. We had an ultrasound at 20 weeks and found out we were having a girl! Later that evening I had some bleeding and went to the hospital. Because I had an ultrasound that day, we knew it wasn't the placenta. It stopped shortly and my OB diagnosed a ruptured blood vessel in my cervix. 3 weeks later I started bleeding again. We went to the hospital and found out I was in pre-term labor and also dialated. I did have a back ache and some menstral-like cramps, but just thought it was because I was pregnant. They gave me shots of terbutaline to stop labor, which was awful. I felt like I was having a heart attack so they lowered the dosage. I quit bleeding and was able to go home 4 days later on bed rest. I was allowed to be in bed or the recliner, and got up only to go to the bathroom, shower, or eat. I looked forward to doctor's appointments, because that meant I got to leave the house. My husband was great, bringing me home whatever I was craving that day. I had to take terb every 6 hours for the next 13 weeks. My doctor let me off bed rest at 36 weeks so we could buy all the things we needed for the baby. We hadn't bought anything yet! At my 37 week appointment we found out she was breech and my doctor asked me if we had any plans for Tuesday. I said no and asked why? Her reply was: "because you're going to have a baby that day!" My husband and I were so excited, we never went to sleep the night before! I couldn't get comfortable, so we laid in bed talking for a few hours and then decided to get up and get ready. We got to the hospital at 5:00 am and I started getting prepped for the surgery. They started an IV and shaved me, then put in a catheter. That was the most painful thing I've ever experienced! A few minutes later I felt a lot of pressure, like I had to pee, so I pushed. The bed became wet and I told the nurse she put the catheter in wrong because I just peed all over myself! She kind of laughed at me and tested the fluid. It was my water! While we were waiting for them to come get me for the surgery, I got an awful pain and it freaked me out! Halfway through it I realized it was a contraction and tried to relax and breathe. A few minutes later another one came. I was really happy when they came to get me because I knew I'd get my epidural in a matter of minutes. I was having a c-section, I wasn't supposed to feel any pain until afterwards! I was taken to the OR and got my epidural and they started getting me ready. The anesthesiologist made me drink something awful, which was to neutralize my stomach acids. After they started cutting me open my husband was brought in just in time for the birth. It was a good thing I had a c-section, because the cord was wrapped around her neck and she had a BM right as they were pulling her out. It seemed like it took forever for her to cry, but when she did it was the best thing I'd ever heard in my life! They wrapped her up and gave her to my husband to bring over to me. The anesthesiologist unstrapped my arm so I could touch her, then daddy took her to the nursery. While they were sewing me back up I threw up 3 times, then passed out. I woke up in my room, then my husband brought her in from the nursery. I barely remember that because of the phenergan they gave me to stop the vomiting. Laurel was beautiful, 6 pounds and 18 inches with a head full of strawberry blonde hair! I was in and out of it all day because of the medication, and I broke out with 5 fever blisters on my lip! I got up and walked later that day. It hurt really bad, but the nurses told me it was the best thing I could do to feel better. Laurel didn't want to nurse, we could hardly keep her awake the first day! She did come around and I nursed her until she was 9 months old. She's 3 now and excited about her baby brother that will be here in a few weeks. I would suggest to anyone having a c-section to write a birth plan. I am disappointed that I can't really remember the first day of her life because of the phenergan. I don't want that to happen again. They can also wait to insert the catheter until I'm numb!