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Wednesday, 11 February 2009 09:43
First of all, please understand my husband is in the US Navy, and I spent my third trimester in a pretty bad depression because he wasn't there when I needed him most and we couldn't get that changed. Due to an awesome OB doctor and my blood preesure going skyhigh, I got put on partial bedrest and he got special temporary orders to come home for 45 days. So, my hubby was home and I was ready to go. I was given the due date of Sept.22nd, but everyone seemed to know I wasn't gonna wait that long! We had not found out the sex of our baby, although complete strangers would approach me and let me know I was having a boy. We were just waiting for the big day and hoping I didn't go longer than his 45 days.

On Sept. 8th, around 3a.m., I was sound asleep when I awoke to wetness. My water had broke! I started yelling at my husband, it's coming out! My normally deep-sleeping husband, immediately got up, helped me to the bathroom, stripped the linens off the bed, got all the stuff ready for leaving and called his sister. His sister is an R.N., who directed us to go to the birthing center at the hospital. We woke up my mom, told her to get going and we were on our way.

Upon arrival, I went to a private room. I had no contractions, no pain at all, nothing... My doctor came in around 7 a.m. and said since my membranes were ruptured, to avoid infection, she would induce labor. So, I got an IV and the wait was on. My husband and mom stayed with me from the beginning, and by this time his family was there, and our two best friends were hanging out to show their support. After two bags of pitocin, I started feeling contractions. The doctor checked, I was completely undilated and stayed undilated despite a constant drip of pitocin. Out of desparation, the doc tried a balloon catheter, that also failed. I really wanted to have a natural birth, but everyone was saying too much longer and a C-section would be the only way. The entire rest of the day, I spent in labor. The pain starting soaring in the late afternoon, which prompted me to ask for relief! Once I was comfortable, doc checked me out again and nothing was new, so they brought me brouchers about Cesarean delivery and told me to discuss this with my husband. Any more time spent with the water broken would be dangerous, they explained, but I was still very upset. My husband said we just needed to do whatever it took to get the baby here safe, I agreed and we let the doc know. She gave me the rest of the night, just to see if I would get any further, so again, we waited.

Early the next morning, after a night of pretty extreme pain, the doctor came in with the anesthesiologist. They administered the edipural, and I finally got a little sleep. I awoke again, to many people in the room. Someone at every end of me, to shave, cover, and prep me for surgery. I just started shaking, and I couldn't stop. They said that they would let my husband accompany me, which made me feel better, but I was still so scared. The only other major operation I'd ever gone through was a tonsilectomy! Once in the OR, they had to have people hold me down because I was shaking so intensely. I still had the epidural, so all I felt was great pressure.

At some point during delivery, I passed out. I was later told it was because I lost quite a bit of blood. I came to and saw my husband holding our baby. He said it was a boy and that he was perfect! With that knowledge, back out I went.... We had a 7 pound, 10 ounce, 20 inch long beautiful baby boy.

A bit later, after a fit in the recovery room, a screaming session with one of my room attendants, and a lot of crying, I finally got to hold my son. For whatever reason, they "forgot" I was back in my room and didn't bring him to me for like four hours after birth. My husband walked in, beaming like a star, and behind him was the cart that held our beautiful creation. From the first moment I saw him, I knew I would never experience love any greater than what I felt for him. At first, I didn't knowhow to hold him, feed him, do anything mommies are supposed to do. But because of the C-section and the loss of blood, they kept me in the hospital an extra 2 days, so I had a lot of help in the beginning. Since, we have moved 800 miles away from "home", our beautiful boy is 12 weeks old and growing like it's going out of style. I am a stay at home mom, and I've got this mommy thing down pat, now. The experience of bringing life to this world is unlike anything else. That much pain, fright, and worry just disappears when you touch them. Every day, I'm reminded that he is why I exist.... to be his Mommy.

Elijsha Stone Munn born 9:14 am September 10, 2000