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Wednesday, 11 February 2009 08:58
After posting My daughter's birth story, (section 35 "My Maddiepoos birth story") I thought It was time for me to post the birth of my second baby, a BOY!!

We were surprised to find out that we were expecting on Y2K! Yep, when most of the world was scrambling to buy water we were buying a home pregnancy test LOL!! I was skeptical because I was still Breastfeeding my daughter and she was only 8 1/2 mths old, but Hubby said that something definitly wasnt "right" and after all I was 1 day late....

While the rest of the family was doing the usual new years stuff, I went into the bath room and took the test.. It immediatly turned positive. I burst into tears not knowing what I was going to tell everyone and also thinking it was wayyyyy to soon to be having another baby...Goodness! My first was still just a baby!!

Hubby and I were able to manage to keep it a secret until after all the hoopla of thw holidays were over, but then there was just no hiding it.. My inlaws could tell that I was stressing over something and plus the smell of my MIL cooking eggs in the morning sent me running to the bath room.

Surprisngly my family all took the news well! I was the only one that was beating my self up about it. That contiued for about another month and then the thought of having another precious little one got me used to the idea of being pregnant again... I had the usual morning sickness until 12 weeks. After 12 weeks it was smooth sailing! NOTHING compared to my first pregnancy! I had found a really great OBGYN considering that we had moved to another state since my first birth..He looked over my records and we both agreed that a C-section would be an easier way to avoid having the same complications happening again.

The weeks flew by and my ever increasing waistline was getting bigger by the day but I felt wonderful!

At 21 weeks, I was involved in a car accident where we were rearended by a 4x4 pickup going 40 mph. Our car was totaled and I was thrown int o the backseat when the force of the collision collapsed my seat back wards ( I was wearing my seat belt). The paramedics got me out of the car and I was contracting fast and furious.. They tried to get a heartrate on my baby and found none. I was in tears! Also, involved in the crash was my 10 mth old daughter and my hubby. My hubby was ok just whiplash and remarkably, my daughter( who was in the back seat!!) wasnt hurt at all!!

We were all taken to the hospital. I was admitted to L&D for observation for possible placental abruption. They gave me medication to stop the contractions and FINALLY found a heartbeat which showed tobe fast and steady..After 1 night I was sent home on bedrest.

The rest of my pregnancy was uneventful!! I gained a total of 35 pds and other than swelling, felt really good.

At 39 weeks, my C-section was schedduled and I was told that it was going tobe at 7 in the morning.. However, I was told to check in at 2 AM to be given IV antibiotics because I tested group B strep positive.

I went down for surgery at 7:15 on the dot and as soon as they gave me the spinal, I went completely numb from the chest downb. It was a weird feeling because I couldnt feel myself breath even though I knew that I was. They brought DH in to be with me and in no time at all I heard the sweetest sound... My son was trying to cry before he was all the way out! They brought him over for me to get a look and then he and DH went to the nursery to be bathed and weighed.

I went back to my room and my family was allowed in to see me while the spinal was wearing off.It had been no time at all when the nurse came in and told me that if I was feeling up to it, I could have my son when ever I was ready. I was still completely numb but requested him to be brought anyway. With the help of my DH I held my son for the first time! It was instant love all over again!

My son roomed in with me the entire 3 days in the hospital except for the times that he had to go for newborn exams and weighing etc... I was up and walking the very same night and also got rid of my catheter and IV the very same night (YEAH ME!!)

I even got him to the breast right after recovery as well.. My OB said that he had never seen anyone do so well with a c-section!

I would definitly have another C-section when and if we have another baby. The horror stroies that I had read and heard were NOTHING like I experienced and everyone that says that you miss out on the "experience " of a vaginal deliverey and the instant bonding with the baby obviously didnt have my experience.. I now have had both a vag and a section!!

I had a excellent OBGYN and hospital experience!

Tyler Alexander
7 pds 11 ozs
19 inches long
apgars: 8,9