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Tuesday, 10 February 2009 10:36
We had just moved into our new Townhouse when I started to feel different and sometimes I would get a little dizzy. I didn't want to think about being pregnant. I knew we were trying but it was so hectic at that time. A week later my Grandmother passed away and my dh and cousin begged me to take a pregnancy test. On the way home from the wake we stopped and got a test. It came out positive. We told my family the day of the funeral. They were happy. They said that my Grandmother would watch over this baby in a special way. My Grandmother's name was Simone, so we decided we would give the baby the middle name of Simon if it was a boy or Simone if it was a girl.

At 6 weeks I developed Kidney Stones. That was the worst pain I ever felt. I thought I was having a miscarriage. The doctor on call said that she had them and they were worse then labor. They admitted me into the hospital over night. I passed them a week later.

They did an Amniocentesis because of my age (35) at 16 weeks. When they did the Ultrasound, I couldn't believe how developed the baby was. That is when it really hit me that there was a baby growing inside of me. The test came back normal and that the baby was a boy. My husband was overjoyed. We decided to call him Jared Simon.

They did another Ultrasound at 20 weeks. They saw something that wasn't right with one of his kidneys. It looked more filled than the other one. They said that this was nothing to worry about, but I would have to have a High Risk Ultrasound. I hated the name of that. Of course we were worried up until we had it. The Radiologist said that it was not that bad but to check it again at 35 weeks. The kidney usually fixes itself when they are born. At 35 weeks the same thing. They said he would have to have an Ultrasound when he was born to see if the Kidney was functioning.

I was getting very large. I new I was going to have a big baby but the Doctor didn't say anything. I swore that I would go early. Alas, my due date October 9th, came and went. My Doctor kept telling me I was closed tight. I wasn't having this baby any time soon and I was getting fed up. I could hardly walk. When I said I was huge, I really meant I was huge. On Sunday October 17th, I was just walking out of the bathroom to go to bed when I felt this pop, and then gush. I ran back to the toilet and then I yelled for my husband that it was time. We paged the Doctor and he said to come on in. They checked my pad and said it was amniotic fluid (like I didn't know) and that I would have to be admitted. He said it was going to be a long time because the last check- up I was still closed up tight. They were going to let me sleep there and then start pitocin in the morning. I was starving because I didn't have supper that night because I wasn't hungry then. They said I couldn't eat. I couldn't sleep at all because I was nervous. The morning came and they started the Pitocin. I was fine for a couple of hours and then the back labor started. It was horrible. I asked for an epideral and they gave me one. They didn't want to check me so often because my water broke but everytime they checked me it was maybe 1 cm more. At 7:00 that night the epideral was starting to wear off so they upped me again. I sent my mother home because she didn't get any sleep since the night before. I told her that I would call her when Jared was born. They couldn't find the baby's heart rate so they had to put in an internal monitor. At 4:00 Tuesday morning, the baby was starting to get into distress, so they took some blood from his head (while he was still in me). The blood was abnormal so they took it again and decided that I needed a c-section. FINALLY. By this time, I was willing to do anything to get him out. My dh called my mother to tell her they were taking me in to do a c-section and she was all upset because I hadn't had the baby yet. She was angry with the Doctor's for letting me wait so long. The Anestegiologist said that I might feel some things because she couldn't give me any more medicine in my epideral. When they opened me up, I heard them say that there was a lot of maconium. When Jared was born, the Doctor said "Congratulations on your toddler". He weighted 9 lbs. 15 ounces and 24 inches long. They had to put him in NICU because he was grunting. He was in there for only 4 hours though. I was in labor a total of 33 hours but I would do it all again. I ended up with an infection in my incision a week later. Jared had an Ultrasound when he was two weeks old and the kidney was normal.

Jared is now 9 months old and is already walking and getting into everything. He is the light of our lives.