AJ's birth Story (labored for 23 hrs) By Ren Print
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Tuesday, 10 February 2009 10:01
Monday I went to see Dr. Nunez for my weekly check-up (I was 37 weeks) and he said I was still shut tight but my cervix was softened up considerably. He predicted I would go to term with AJ, so I went about my day as normal. That night, Mike and I were watching TV, and I couldn't fall asleep, I felt anxious for some reason and my tummy felt icky. Well, around 12:30 I went to pee and I noticed my underwear was wet. Well, since this had happened before, mike and I figured it was just AJ pushing or kicking my bladder again. We went to bed and talked for a bit before I was finally able to fall asleep.

Around 5 a.m. I woke up with this sudden urge to throw up :puke Well, I went to the bathroom, and after I finished peeing (the urge to puke left), I still felt trickling! I called Mike into the bathroom and we both started to think that maybe my water had broken. I called the doctor and he said to march over to the L&D at the hospital. After FINALLY finding stuff to toss into a bag in case it was the real thing, we were off. Mike and I knew that if it was, I wouldn't be able to eat again till it was over, so we stopped at Whataburger for breakfast. Went up to L&D and checked into the triage and waited for a nurse to check with a strip if my membranes had ruptured, which, low and behold, they had! What was the doctor thinking when he said I would make it to term?!?! hah, AJ had other plans. Well, until now, I had felt no contractions, and very tiny ones were registering on the monitor that I never even felt.

Around 11a.m or so they moved me to my own room and started me on pitocin since I still had nothing, although I was 2cm dialated and 75% effaced. I went for a while with nothing happening and started to eventually feel it in my back. It felt like an annoying cramp, nothing painful. Each hour they increased my dosage of pitocin by 2cc, and by the time I got to 10cc/hr I was really starting to feel the cramping. Each hour someone came in to see if I was any more dialated, and when my doctor came in, he said I moved up to 4cm. (He also told me I better have this baby by 5pm or I'd have to wait for the next day - what a card hehe) Around 5pm I finally moved up to 6cm and was 90% effaced. They increased my pitocin to 15cc/hr and then it hit me! Wow, I thought I was going to pull my head through my entire body! It felt nothing like I thought it would, it was like getting the worst case of the runs while on my period. Little did I know this wasn't even the worst pain I would feel.

by 5pm they said I could have my epidural, so the anesthesiologist (sp??) came in and put in the cathedar. I never went numb, I felt every contraction and all I got out of it was some spots where I couldn't feel anything on the surface skin on my left leg. This wasn't going to cut it the nurse said, so she got him to give me a spinal block. Wow, that was great for about 2 hrs! I caught up on some rest, and Mike went to finally get something to eat. Then it wore off, but it was bearable at first. They gave me Stadol to cut the edge off the pain and that made it bearable for a while. When I got too used to it (you eventually won't get anything from it) they decided to try the epidural again. AGAIN it didn't work, and by 9pm I was screaming so bad I'm sure I made others outside nervous! It was all I could do to handle the pain and not jump out the window at one point. I felt so bad because here I was trying to breath and not scream and I knew inside I wasn't going through the worst part yet! I even yelled out at one point "get this thing out of me!" because I couldn't remember the word BABY (hah, my grasp of the english language soon was reduced to grunts and uh huhs) and the nurse got mad at me! Well, I decided then and there I didn't like her. Actually, I only hated her when I had a contraction because when I wasn't, I was apologizing to everyone and telling them how much I loved them for putting up with me. She said that I was nowhere near as bad as most of the women in there, so my complaining just seemed bad to me I guess.

FINALLY at 10:30pm they decided that they were going to set me up for a c-section because I had yet to move from 6cm dialated in over 4 hrs. They wheeled me into the OR and gave me another spinal which was wonderful after all that pain. They strapped me to the table and at that point the drugs started to kick in. The last thing I remembered was looking over at Mike and saying "there you are! where were you?" and it turned out he had been sitting next to me for 15 minutes already! Then I closed my eyes for a second, looked over and saw the nurse holding AJ for his first apgar test. This whole thing was 45 minutes and it seemed like seconds to me. Must have been great drugs! I wish I had been more alert though, I didn't come to until I had been in my room an hour But AJ was born at 11:50pm CST, and was a gorgeous baby boy weighing 7lbs, 2oz and was 21 inches long! Mike saw everything and wasn't too grossed out but was very happy he got to see AJ as soon as he was born. He got tons of pictures so I will get to see the birth when they are developed I hope!

I finally got to come home on Friday afternoon. I got released early because I had been walking since Wednesday (I was determined) and was getting the hang of things pretty quick. Alex is doing great still and only lost a half pound which he started to gain back before we even left. His apgar scores were 8 and 9 and all of his tests came back perfect, so I am a very lucky girl!!