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Tuesday, 10 February 2009 09:55
My prenancy was a surprise and I cried the first day I found out,hormones you know!? My husband was very happy, but not happy about all the mood swings. I didn't find out until I was 6 weeks along. I had gone to the doctor becaseu I kept having cramps but no period. With my history I actually thought that I wouldn't be able to have children. But I was pregnant, no wonder I got so sick during my classes!

I was in my last semester of college and just trying to focus on finishing that, so I have to say that I didn't really enjoy fully, my pregnancy. I had morning sickness, and bad heartburn!(baby had lots of hair) But everything was normal, and towards the end I was getting huge. The baby never dropped so it felt like my lungs were being crushed! He would kick and crack my back.

When I had the sugar test, they said I tested high, so I had to have the three hour test twice-that is something I hope to never do again. At the the end of all of this my midwife said that I was borderline diabetic and to not eat too many sugary things.too bad, my craving was ice cream! In my last month I had two US because my midwife was concerned that the baby was big. The last one two days before my due dates estimated him at 9lbs. My due date was July 16th 1998. Nine days later I was still preg-I had not effaced or dialated or dropped... The dr stripped my membranes and that is one of the worst things I remember, I still have to cross my legs when I think about it. I whined a little about being dizzy and swelling the next day and it was agreed that I would be induced! We tried the gel- went home-nothing-came back and did the pitocin on July24th at 9:00. I asked the nurse in the hospital as I was reading my book at 10:00 if I was in labor.She laughed and said that I wouldn't be reading if I was in labor! By 1:00 i was hooked up to everything but still got walk around, on a trip to the bathroom I just kept going- and yeah my water broke, slowly. The couldn't send me home! At four the pit finally kicked in lie a b****. My bloodpressure went trhought the roof and I lost it. It was decided that I could have my intrathecal now even thought I was barely at three cm. Wonderful- I resteduntil 7:00pm when I could feel the contrax again. I was still at three. 9:30 I am in another place just focusing on specks on the wall at still at three. we talk about a c section-and I say yes, anynthing to get this over with.It takes awhile, and since the baby is not indistress and I am doing okay ( but in pain) it isn't until 10:30 that I get into the delivery room. They stopped the pit and the contrax just stopped completely!The spinal was terrible. The dr missed and hit a nerve adn I nearly jumped off the table. It felt like I had been electrocuted and I started crying. The midwife on duty was there with me and really calmed me down. My husband came in a little later and I asked him to just talk to me, because I was scared and I didn't want to hear about what they were doing to me. Thena baby cried-it was my baby. The drsaid he was at least 10lbs and his head was huge! He was 10lbs 1 ounce and 21 inches with a 14 3/4 head! Nowonder he never dropped and he was never pressing against the cervix. I believe I had a big baby because of the gestatioal diabetes. His blood sugar was very high and he was very hungry. I wish my midwife had told me more about how to control my diet for this and had prepared me more for c-section in light of the fact that they knew he was big. I was pretty miserable after the c section I threw up on the operating table over and over, and just wanted to be left alone to sleep but they had to check on me every hour. I didn't hold Cal until the next morning, but he was the most perfect roundheaded chubby baby I ever saw!He is now two,and I am thinking about doing this again, but doing some things differently. I would like to be able to have a vaginal birth next time.