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Monday, 09 February 2009 12:02
I was so happy the day I found out i was Pregnant, it was a long time ago, but i still remember everything. I found out i was due October 31, 1992. I had a pretty easy pregnancy, excect all day sickness for the first 4 months, but that was ok. I worked right up until my water broke. MY husband came to pick me up at work,Oct 14th, I told him that I thought my water had broke, not all the way, a slow leak. He wanted me to go to the hospital, but I didn't want to feel stupid if it hadn't. So I went home to call the doctor, she said to come in and be checked.

Well, sure enough, it had. I stayed there all night, with nothing really happening, I was having little contractions I couldn't even feel. The next day the doctor came in and examed me and said nothing was really happening yet, and the wanted to enduce labor. They did that, and told me to get up and walk around. It was about 5 minutes and i was walking down the hall and I felt a bunch of fluid going down my leg, I looked and it was blood. I went to the nurse and told her I had blood running down my leg, she said some blood was normal. I went back to my room and to the bathroom and I could not beleive what i saw, it was more blood than I had ever seen. I told my husband to go get the nurse, something was wrong.

She came in and saw all the blood and said that was not normal and put me back in bed, and went to get the doctor. I could feel the blood coming out of me and it wasn't stopping. MY mother and husband were both there. The doctor came in and said he did not see much blood and to hook me up to the monitor and he'd be back. Very soon I started having contractions, I was looking at the heart monitor, and his heart beat kept going down, then would come back up a little, and go back down again.

I was still bleeding this whole time. The doctor kept saying to us that he didn't know if the blood was coming from the baby or me. We had no idea what he meant that it might be coming from the baby. This went on forever it seemed, it was probably 25 minutes to 1/2 hour. Finally another doctor came in, looked at the monitor, by this time his heart beat was down to 50 and not going up at all, she said we needed a c-section right away. They rushed me in.

My husband and me were so scared, they did everything so fast, I was awake. I remember it seemed to take a long time. I was waiting to here a baby cry, or for them to tell me it was a boy or a girl, nothing. The only thing I heard was they were going to sew me back up. I looked at my husband and he looked at me and we couldn't say anything, we were so scared.

When they were bringing to recovery, the doctor came out to tell me it was a boy and that he had lost 90% of his blood, and when he was born he had no heart beat and not breathing. They got him respirated first, then the peditrician gave him his own blood, and they finally got a heart beat after 10 minutes. We did not know if he would live. When i came back from recovery, I could only look at him throught the window, my bed could not fit in the nursery, my whole family could go in the nursery to see him. He had tubes in him all over him. I was the worst moment of my life not being able to hold my new son.

The next morning i was able to call the other hospital to find out how he was, he had made it through the night. They transfered me to that hospital so i could be near him. He was in the intensive care nursery, and i could still not hold him until he was almost 2 weeks old, and then he still had tubes in him. I cried every day watching mothers hold there babys. After a month in the hospital, he was finally able to come home. I was so excited that day, I was a little scared though, he's our only son and I was not sure if he would have seizures still, he did in the hospital. He had to be on medication for 1 year. They told me they did not know how he was going to be due to the brain damage he suffered from lack of blood and oxygen to the brain.

Today Dylan is 7 years old, he is the best thing to ever happen to me and my Husband. He is devopmentally delayed, he does not talk, but he does sign language, so do we now. He is the happiest little boy ever, he rarely gets frustrated when we can't understand what is trying to say. He is very sociable, and I think that helps him with other kids, he's very popular at school. My mother and father have been wonderful to, helping us and taking care of him since i've been back at work, and my sister who is a special eduction teacher and has helped us with the school system. I write Dylans story now because it took a long time for me to stop thinking of the day of his birth and now it helps to talk about it. If anyone would like to e-mail me my address is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . I would be happy to hear from anyone. I am just now trying to have another baby, it took a while to get over this.