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Monday, 09 February 2009 11:54
I became pregnany very soon after my husband and I got married. We were young, and ready to tackle anything that this pregnancy and child could challenge us with (in retrospect, we wish we could fast-forward through this whole independent 5-year-old stage). On March 16th, 1995, I had a routine checkup with my family practitioner. When she saw that I had gained 5 pounds in the last week and that my blood pressure was elevated, she scheduled me for a non-stress test the next day. So, on St. Patrick's Day, we ventured into the office, got prepped for the US, and were ready to see the baby. The first thing the tech said when she placed the wand on my belly was, "do you know your baby is breech?" If I wasn't already laying down, I probably would have fallen over. I was HUGE already, and it was determined that the baby was too big to turn, plus it was already engaged in my pelvis. So, the doctor said, "Pack your bags, we're having a baby on Monday!"

Monday morning was the most interesting morning of my life. We did laundry all weekend, packed, and notified our families of what was going on, so all we had left to do Monday was "hurry up and wait". Finally the time came to go to the hospital. The nurses were great, and let me know what was going on, what to expect, etc. I didn't realize how uncomfortable it could be waiting for surgery with an IV in my arm, a catheter in my bladder, and a huge bulging belly. I was SO ready to have this baby! LOL! I argued with the anesthesiologist about getting an epidural. He insisted I needed one, that I wanted to be awake to see my baby. I tried to explain to him that I didn't think I could handle being awake during surgery, but being young and easily swayed, I submitted to the epidural.

So, at 5:07p.m., on the first day of Spring, a beautiful little boy entered the world accompanied by the doctor's proclamation of, "It's a boy...and he just pooped all over his mom!" (A little ominous, isn't it ;) I was in awe of this little baby that was hoisted over the drape to meet his parents. Even though my husband was next to me and there were about 6 other people in the room, I was enraptured by this little boy, staring at me with HUGE blue eyes, arms outstretched as if he wanted to hug everyone! It was just me and him in the room for all I cared!

After a couple of minutes, the nursing staff took Matthew to the nursery for all of the newborn poking and prodding, and Daddy followed with him. At this point, 2 things happened. When you have abdominal surgery, due to the air in the abdominal cavity, it causes pain in your shoulders. This can be uncomfortable when you can't move your arms to try to work off the pain. As I was struggling with this pain, I asked the anesthesiolgist how much longer I would be in the OR. Her response was very matter of fact-- "Oh, it will be about 20 minutes, your uterus is still out on your stomach."

WHAAATTT? I freaked out! I did NOT need to know that any of my body parts were outside of my body. So, I did what any panicked person would do. I tried to get out of there. I remember trying to roll off of the table, and then I woke up in a room somewhere where the nurses were watching CNN. It was now almost 7:00. So, I missed the first 2 hours of my son's life. I got to hold him as soon as I got back to my room, and didn't put him down for 3 hours. That made up for it :)

So, the moral of the story is this: Make sure you know what actually occurs during a cesarean birth BEFORE you have one.