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Monday, 09 February 2009 11:53
My pregnancy was pretty much typical--morning sickness until about 14 weeks, good weight gain(40 lbs total), swollen feet in 3rd trimester... I loved being pregnant(believe it or not!).

Bradley was due on September 5, 1999. On my last doctor visit, August 30, the midwife in the office (they wanted women to see both the doctor and the midwife) checked me and said that my cervix was still very hard and that, in her opinion, the baby would be late. I was a little disappointed, but oh well. He'll come when he's ready.

That Thursday, September 2, at about 5:30pm the baby quick moving. Bradley had always been an active baby inside the womb; I knew something wasn't right. I stayed up until about midnight drinking caffine, which I didn't really drink throughout the pregnancy, eating sweets, and pressing on my belly to get the baby to move. Uneasy, I finally went to bed without feeling any movement.

The next morning I woke up, not having felt movement all night. I still let it go, but was still concerned. I went to lunch with a friend and was home by about 2pm. Very worried and thinking the worst (stillborn), I called my mother in California. She told me call the doctor and ask to be monitored. I did, and drove right to the office.

After being monitored and describing my situation for about 5 minutes, the doctor sent me immediately over to the hospital for observation, which is just right across the parking lot from their office. (The doctor said he didn't like the looks of the baby's heartbeat, which was a constant 180bpm).

At the hospital I put on a gown and was monitored and asked questions for about an hour. It was about 3:15pm by now. I was getting kind of nervous, but hearing Bradley's heartbeat was like music to my ears. I asked the nurse if I should page my husband, seeing as he didn't even know I went to the doctor's office (He knew the baby wasn't moving, but didn't know I called the doctor; he was at work.). She said to wait until she got back from giving the doctor a report. About 3 minutes later she came in very rushed and said, "You better page your husband because you're having an emergency c-section!" I burst into tears. This was (is) my first baby and I was scared to death! She tried to comfort me as I paged J.R. He called me back and asked where I was (he didn't recognize the number). I said, "I'm at the hospital. You better get here quick--I'm having an emergency c-section!" He could sense the fear and worry in my voice. Next thing I know the doctor had come in the room along with about 3 more nurses and the anesthesiologist. I'm signing papers, getting an IV, getting a catheter, shaved, belly scrubbed, and being informed on my unexpected surgery. They wheeled my whole bed into the OR and transferred my to the table, where I then got a spinal block. They put the drape up and was ready to cut. I said, "What about my husband?" They said, "We can't wait on him. This baby has to come out now!" The tears just poured down my face. The spinal block still had a few more minutes until it was in full effect. J.R. walked in the door in scrubs a few minutes later (the nurse had caught him at the nurses station looking for me and gave him some scrubs to put on).

J.R. sat down on a stool beside me and they began my surgery. At 3:54pm Bradley was born. When the doctor pulled him out I could hear him counting. I asked what he was counting; he was counting the number of times the cord was around Bradley's neck. 5 times; I was in shock. After unwrapping him the doctor gave me a quick peak and handed him to the nurses. Then he cried; then I cried. He was ok, and 8lbs and 1oz.! The doctor said I was very lucky that I didn't go into labor because Bradley might not be here. He would've gotten strangled on the way out. All of the nurses said they'd never in their experience seen a baby make it with the cord around the neck 5 times. It was like a turtleneck; it was up to his chin.

Bradley was (is) fine and I recovered very easily. The nurses even complimented me on not taking much pain medicine. They were all so nice to me, given my situation. They said I had good instincts to know that decreased fetal movement is not normal.

So listen to your instincts!! If something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't!!