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Monday, 09 February 2009 11:27
First of all, I have some mental disabilities due to lack of oxygen at my birth. I am 30 years old now and was on Norplant for birth control. I didn't really want children. I had gone through a really bad marriage and after my divorce was final I decided to move in with my parents. Soon after I moved in with them I started dating a guy I had known for years (I worked with his mother.) I didn't tell my parents about him because he is black and I am white and I wasn't quite sure how they would except him/us.

In September of 1999 I got pregnant. I wasn't sure if I was pregnant or not I didn't have a period and I did have some morning sickness. I guess most of the "not sure if I am" feelings were because I was scared to tell my parents because I didn't know if I could take care of this baby myself. Also they still did not know about my boyfriend. I kept this secret to myself for four months.

Before I was pregnant I was 5 foot 1 inches tall and 245 lbs. Well being four months pregnant, I gained a little more weight. I got scared and packed everything I could and called my friend to pick me up. I wrote my parents a letter telling them everything. So, as I was leaving my parents woke up and didn't understand why I was packed to go away. I gave them the letter and walked out the door. They read it and took me in the house. They were very upset and a little angry. My dad was real mad specialy about my boyfriend being black, but he later comes around because the baby is his grandson. My mom was scared because I hadn't been to the doctor. So she made me appointment the next day. I had an ultrasound and saw my baby moving. I was due on June 5, 2000. My mom cried. alot. I was excited. They gave me pictures of him. I also was told my blood pressure was high and they ran some more tests. They all came back fine. My mom said because this is my baby I have to tell my family. I told my brother and his wife first. My brother was not really care. My sister in law asked if everything is okay with the baby and if I was happy. I said yes and she has been support to me a lot. She is in nursing school and she explained alot of things so I knew all that was going on.

In April I was diagnosed with pre-ecclampsia. I was on bed rest for the rest of my pregnancy. On May 11, 2000 I went out to eat dinner with my parents. Mexican food! Not a good idea. Around 8:00 p.m. my stomach was cramping. I thought it was heartburn or gas so I did not think to much about it. At 11:00 pm that same night I was talking on the phone to my boyfriend and felt a little bit like I was peeing. I told my boyfriend I would call him back in a ten minutes because I needed to use the bathroom. He said okay. I stood up and my water broke. I went and woke my parents up and they didn't believe me. I told them to come look and then they believed me. I called my boyfriend and told him my water broke and I would call him when our son was born.

So we got to the hospital at 12:30 May 12, 2000. I was only dilated a finger tip. I got some steroid shots because I was 3 weeks early and some mag sulf for my my blood pressure and signed a paper for my epidural. My doctor said it would be awhile. So My dad went home and my mom stayed with me. Then around 8:00am May 13, 2000 we called to let my brother and sister in law know. Sister in law came to the hospital and was with me and my mom the whole time. My brother had to work. We waited and waited and nothing happened. I was in a lot of pain so they gave me the epidural but it didn't work right so they tried three times and on the third time it finally worked. It was good.

It did not help me to dilate so at 3:00 am May13, 2000 the doctors told me I needed a csection I was scared but I wanted to hold my baby. At 3:50 am on May 13,2000 My son Timothy was born He weighed 5 pounds 12 ounces and was 19 1/2 inches long. After they did the csection they tied my tubes. I got to see my baby a few hours later. He did not want to nurse. The doctors were really worried because he only wanted to sleep. The did a spinal tap and blood work and found out he had gotten some of my mag sulf drip in him. But other than that he was perfectly healthy. About 10 hours after the csection I was walking around. my nurse was real amazed.

Timothy is now home and on his due date (6-5-00) he wieghed 7 1/2 pounds. He has thick black hair and big blue eyes. He is so cute and I love him very much. My boyfriend doesn't come around much but he does try and help. My parents and brother and sister in law and her family all are helping alot. Everyone loves him.

My boyfriend and I want to get married in December but we aren't sure yet.