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Monday, 09 February 2009 11:26

At 37.5 weeks pregnant, and on bedrest for over 3 weeks due to PIH I had yet another Dr's appt.on Tuesday, 5/30/00 I had to have blood work done, and ultrasound and an internal exam. These events took place in 2 different offices, 20 minutes apart. So I was off bedrest and running around much of the day. I had insomnia Monday night - so I had maybe 2 hours of sleep. Tuesday was my Mom's birthday and I had planned to take her out to lunch in between appointments so we could celebrate but my stomach was very upset so we didn't go. My blood work came back with elevated liver functions, the ultrasound looked fine. Then I went for the internal at 4:00 pm. My blood pressure, which has been very high and has caused me to be on bed rest for weeks was 160/102. The Dr took one look at my chart and did a quick internal to find out that I was 2.5 dilated and 80% effaced. He called my Dr who was on hospital rounds and arranged a bed for me. He came back and told me that I was going to have a baby! Most likely by Wednesday morning. Mom had driven me to the appointment, so I went out the car and asked her to drive me to the hospital. I called my DH from the car and told him to grab my bag and head in! He was very surprised!! After told him, the realization set in and I started crying! I was going to be a MOMMY!! What a miracle. Scary, but wonderful.

We got the the hospital, Mom dropped me off at admitting. I am standing there for over 10 minutes and no one would wait on me. I finally walked back into the offices and asked to be admitted. They actually asked me "why are you here?" I laughed at them! I said "I'm having a baby..." They made me WALK up to labor and delivery because there was no transport available. So Mom and I chugged though the hospital at a turtle's pace and got to L&D. They were expecting me, but it was a full house, so instead of a birthing room I got put in sterile operating room. My nurse's name was Ed. Yep - a nice wacky male nurse. He got me me in bed and started monitoring my vitals. My Dr came in and told me that the plan was to put me on IV antibiotics for Group B strep and Magnesium Sulfate for my blood pressure. The Mag. Sulfate would make me feel loopy and weird but it would lessen the chances of having a seizure from the blood pressure. She left and popped her head back in and said "Oh yeah - once we get you a room, we also will be putting in a catheter!" Great!! Just what I wanted to hear! Yuck!!

My DH arrived at 5:30pm or so. He and I spent an hour with a resident giving my medical history while Mom paced the hallways. They found a room for me around 6:00 pm and moved me down the hall. I got the smallest room available, as I was confined to bedrest once the IV's went in. I did have a nice view of the airport runway though! This came in handy when the sunset- that was beautiful!

Ed the nurse came in to cateterize me - after I banished DH & Mom from the room. I asked if it was going to hurt. He said no. He lied. I think my pride hurt worse - but I wouldn't want to do it again! After he did it he admitted that he had never had one done to himself - but he assumed it wouldn't hurt. Brat! He hooked me up to IV's and the fetal monitor and a blood pressure cuff. Let the games begin. I was not having any real noticeable contractions on my own at this point. I was starving though - as I had been sick feeling all day and hadn't eaten. Ed brought me some peanut butter toast. What a pal!

7pm my Dr came in and gave us some options. She could break my water and then start the pitocin an hour or so later, or we could hang out and see if anything would progress naturally. I told her we were here to have a baby - so why wait. Break my water. I had DH & Mom leave the room - I felt that this was a bit personal to expose them too. My Dr has really short little hands, so it feels like she is moving in every time she does an internal. This was no exception. She literally had her head on my thigh reaching in with the hook to break my water. This did not hurt. All of a sudden I felt very warm wet gushes coming out. There was a changing of the nurses and Brooke came on board. She was great!!

Around 9pm the pitocin was turned on. That drug is evil. At first it was ok - gave me an idea what contractions felt like. I was being a trooper, breathing through the pain, but they didn't really hurt yet. As the hours wore on my buddy Nurse Brooke would sneak over and up the dosage to get the contractions closer together. We all kind of hung out for hours. I did let DH go to the cafeteria at one point to get food. He came back with arm loads of junk food. Apparently the hot food lines had been shut down. At some point the pain got so bad that I asked for some relief. I decided to try IV drugs first. So they gave me Nubane in my IV. What I didn't realize when I asked for it was that it didn't take away the pain of the contractions, but instead numbed the rest of your body so you could rest and concentrate ON the contractions. That was cruel & unusual punishment! A few hours later I finally had enough and decided that no matter how scared I was of the epidural, it had to take some of this pain away. So they sent for the man with the drugs. I was so happy to see him. Because I had PIH for so long, and I was so swollen with that and the IV fluids he had a horrible time getting the needle in my back. I tried to do it laying down- he couldn't get it in, so I had to sit up. It seemed to take forever, but once it was in I was so glad that I decided to take them up on this. I was able to get some much needed sleep afterwards!

Around midnight I told my mom that Becca was not going to come in time to share birthdays with after all! Oh well. I was able to catch some sleep in between contractions. DH was asleep on a very uncomfortable chair, mom was sleeping on a stool - she looked so uncomfortable I felt guilty! As the night wore on and Brooke got happy with pushing the button to increase the pitocin, I got more and more miserable. I was having contractions on top of each other, they kept checking me and I was making progress. I was using the second hand on the wall clock as a focal point, and I found that somehow soothing to see how long each one lasted and how close together each one was. I was amazed how calm I felt. I was in pain, but not moaning about it. I was tired - but I was able to keep on going. Labor is an amazing journey. I was in another world. I don't think I was fully realizing that all this work was helping Becca come into the world. Becca was resting happily in utero - she looked calm and happy on the monitors. My blood pressure stayed high but manageable, so they let me labor much longer than I had been led to believe I would have to.

I don't remember the sun coming up, but I know that I was watching the clock alot because my Dr was only on until 8:30am and I really wanted her to deliver Becca. As the hour drew closer I realized it wasn't going to happen. She checked me around 8am or so and found that I was 10cm dilated and fully effaced. She told me I could start pushing when the urge hit me. There goes Brooke again with the damn pitocin!! Around 9am I started feeling contractions that hurt and that I had to breathe hard and push through...my Dr hung around until 9:20 - but then she had to leave me with one of her associates. The morning passed in a blur of contractions and pushing. I was amazed at the amount of pain involved. Brooke had gone off duty - her replacement wasn't quite as button happy - so we liked Taryn better. My contractions were coming three and four back to back. I was begging for the machine to be cranked back. I couldn't believe the pain. DH was on ice chip patrol, and Mom was on cold cloths to the forehead patrol. I pushed for hours and hours, and was making progress, but it was slow work. I was getting very tired and so was my support crew. It was headed towardsWednesday afternoon. Neither had really eaten or slept. I started to get frustrated and scared. I could no longer control the pain, the contractions were taking over my body. I had so many medical professionals reaching up inside and checking things out it was crazy. After 9 hours of pushing, and the last few hours were really hard pushing, she just wasn't moving, They could see her head, but it wasn't down far enough to use a vacuum extractor on her. They wanted me to keep pushing her down. I was pushing 3-4 times per contraction. She was not budging. Becca was not ready to come out! At 2pm I looked at the Dr and told her that I could not do this anymore. I was exhausted. It had been over 19 hours and I was 3 days behind in sleep and hadn't eaten, I had no energy left. She left the room to consult with my Dr over the phone. She came back in and gave me a guilt trip. She offered to lower the pitocin for a half hour to allow me to catch my breath and then I could push Becca out no problem....or I could do a c-section. I looked at DH and Mom and I was crying. I felt like I was letting them down, but I had nothing left to give, I wanted the C-section. They were so glad I said that! DH had wanted me to give up hours before that. He couldn't stand seeing me in such pain. My Mom was glad too - I think watching your child in this position must be terrifying. So we told the Dr our decision and they set about prepping for the surgery. The anesthesiologist came up to re-load the epidural, Mom and DH got dressed in scrubs. Less than an hour later we were in the operating room. I was in and out of a fog as they prepped me. I remember someone handling my breasts and talking about a mole that they thought looked suspicious. I later found out they were putting the heart monitor leads on me - but I still found it odd. I had an oxygen mask on my face and was trying to keep up with what was going on.

I knew they were doing something on the other side of the curtain, because I could feel it. They let DH and Mom come in. I could still feel the picking, so I started saying OW, OW, OW over and over again. Finally someone heard me through my mask and asked what I meant. I told him I could feel what they were doing!! He tried to up the pain relief, but I could still feel it. So they decided to knock me out - so they sent Mom and DH out of the room and put me under. This was around 3:00pm.

I woke up in a cold basement full of curtained areas. My throat was sore and dry and I couldn't talk. I was scared. I looked down and I thought I was still pregnant. My stomach didn't look any different. There was a nurse sitting there and she came over and congratulated me on my baby. I tried to ask where I was, where the baby was, but I was so drugged I kept falling asleep. The magnesium for my blood pressure kept me groggy for a long time. I finally ripped the oxygen mask off and asked what time it was - it was after 6pm already! I laid around for about an hour, feeling a little better. I had a morphine drip for the pain. The nurse told me that Becca was in NICU but couldn't tell me what was wrong with her. She didn't know where my family was though. I was so scared! At 7pm that got some kid to push me up to my room. I felt like a deer caught in headlights. They were telling me that I had my baby, but I hadn't seen her and I didn't know how she was. It was an awful feeling. DH and Mom were waiting in my room for me. I was so glad to see them!! Apparently my surgery was complicated.Becca was engaged in my pelvis and was stuck , so they had to push her back through from the other side to get her out. She was zooked on the magnesium and was not breathing well on her own so they had to intubate her and she was in NICU for observation. DH and Mom had gotten to see her but were not allowed to hold her. I sent DH down to see if they could take a polaroid of her so I could see what she looked like. He came back with 2 pictures. She didn't look at all like I expected her to. She was huge and pale. She was so swollen. She was beautiful though and I couldn't stop touching her face in the picture!!

DH and Mom left to go home and get some well deserved sleep at 9pm. One nice nurse took pity upon me and pushed me down to NICU at midnight to meet my daughter. I didn't get to meet her on her birthday though. That made me sad. She was in her incubator, but was breathing on her own and she did respond to my voice. I was able to reach in and touch her. I feel in love all over again the second her little hand touched mine. I was able to sleep peacefully after I met my daughter and and told her how much I loved her.

Rebecca Noel was born at 3:14pm on 5/31/00. She weighed 7lbs 5oz and was 21 inches long. She has lots of brown hair. Her original due date was 6/16/00.

My stay in the hospital was a blur of medications. They kept me on the magnesium and catheterized until Friday. So I was groggy with pain meds and the magnesium for days. I hated it. I couldn't keep my eyes open and I saw very little of Becca. DH and I got to hold her for the first time on Thursday afternoon. What a wonderful moment. Poor baby was covered in IV's and monitors, but she still snuggled right up to Mommy and Daddy. She responded well to our voices and our touch.

Friday morning they took out my IV's and catheter. After a well deserved shower, I headed off to NICU to see Becca. I got there just in time to give her the first bottle. I was so happy. She ate like a champ!! A few hours later they moved her into the regular nursery and I was able to have her in my room as often as I wanted to. We did a lot of bonding on Friday. We had to make up for lost time!

We were both able to go home together on Saturday morning. It was not the birth we imagined at all. But when I look into our little angel's eyes - I know that I would do it all over again to have her in my arms.

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