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Monday, 09 February 2009 11:25
My husband and I were regular D.I.N.K.S (Double Income No Kids) untill December 1998 when we decided that we would like to have a child of our own. Marc is 34 and I'm 29. It took five months but finally it happened. I had a pretty easy pregnancy compared to some poor ladies, no morning sickness, no swelling or water retention and I didn't even gain any extra weight. Our due date was 14 February 2000. This date came and went and finally 15 days later I went in to be induced.

So early in the morning on the 28th February 2000 Marc and I trot into the hospital and my midwife applied the gel to my cervix and sent us out for a walk. All this did was give me very bad back pain. So back we go the hospital and I am hooked up to the monitor. After this we went home to see what would happen. A big fat nothing is what happened. So back we go to the hospital for another round.

This time my midwife told me before she put the gel in she would try and jiggle things around in there. JIGGLE? my god I almost levitated off the bed.

All through this I still had my really bad back pain which got worse the moment she put the second lot of gel in. Anyway home again we went.

At home later in the evening Marc ran me a bath which I stayed in as long as possible but eventually we ran out of hot water. Finally things started to happen around midnight (by this time I was exhausted) the contractions and the continuous backpain really took it out of me all night and by 6.00am I couldn't stand it any longer and Marc rang the midwife to meet us at the hospital which by this time the contractions were one minute long and 4 - 5 minutes appart. We finally got to the hospital and I had a spa bath which was heaven.

So my midwife decided to check what was happening and after all this I was only 3cm (sombody shoot me now I thought) finally my midwife suggested a epidural because as she put it you have been going for 24hrs and youve got another 12 hours to go at least. So I did.

Once this was done they decided to get things moving by using a stronger drug to help things along. After four hours of this when my midwife check me again Keelan had done an about face and moved back underneath my ribs.

As my midwife said the only way he was coming out was by c-section.

Finally on the 29th February 2000 Keelan arrived very over cooked but lovely all the same.

The poor little thing had a bump on his head where he'd been banging on my cervix trying to get out. (obviously he gave up and decided to head back to somewhere more comfy).