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Monday, 09 February 2009 11:20
April 27, 2000

10:30am-Took Elizabeth (my five year old) to pre-school.

10:45 to 11:45am-Went to Secretary of State and Hallmark's with Holly (my 2 � year old). Got the tabs for my license plate and my Mother's Day cards.

11:50am-Ate a couple of potato chips on my way home. (This is important later in the story.)

12:00pm-While picking up the bathroom from last night's bath time, I felt a watery discharge. I went to change my underwear and in the process gushed water.

12:05pm-Called doctor's office and they said to come to the hospital and not to worry. I had time to call people and make arrangements for someone to watch the girls.

12:05 to 12:30-Called Elizabeth's pre-school teachers to make arrangements to get her home. The mom's that I'm friends with at school weren't there, so a mom that I barely know volunteered to take the girls and me to the hospital. (My neighbor wasn't home either.) We didn't even know each other's first names until she got to my house. While I was waiting for her to arrive, I started calling the family. My mom and dad were both out to lunch. (The nerve!!) I left messages for them. Luckily, my brother and sister were both home. (By the way, I did call Eric (my husband) after I called the doc.) Then I called Eric's sister so she could get a hold of that side of the family for me.

12:45pm-We're on the road. (It's a 30-45 minute ride and my whole family lives close to the hospital.) Jennifer (I know her name now) and I talk about birth experiences on the way down. All the while, my contractions were mild and about 15 minutes apart. I haven't gushed any more water.

1:30pm-Arrive at the hospital. Met my mom and sister in the hallway as I was being wheeled up to OB. I dropped off the girls with my sister. I left my suitcase in the van and Jennifer and I both forgot to get it out. It accidentally came back home with her. My dad had to come back to my house to get to for me because my glasses were in it. Everything turned out fine with that.

2:00pm-Doctor checks me and says he doesn't think my water's broken. OB nurse says it was probably urine. Well, since urine isn't clear, thick and contain mucus, I had to disagree.

2:30pm-Doctor does an ultrasound to check the fluid around the baby and discovers that, yes, my water did break. It just didn't break low like it usually does. That's why he couldn't tell from the initial exam. This is also why I was leaking so slowly after the initial gush. That, and the baby's head was blocking things.

3:00pm-I see the anesthegeologist and she says, because of the potato chips I had earlier, that we had to wait until 6:00pm for the c-section. If I hadn't had those 3 potato chips I could have had him at 4:00pm.

5:30pm-I get my belly shaved and the Foley Catheter put in. By the way, having the catheter put in didn't hurt at all.

5:45pm-I talk with the anesthegeologist about my desire to be awake this time. He assures me that I will be. (This is my third c-section. I was asleep for the first two.)

6:05pm-In the operating room. I tell the doctor, "No staples please." He says, "Don't worry I never use them."

6:10-6:28pm-The surgery prior to the birth. Lots of pulling and tugging. My mom was with me (because Eric's a fainter) and couldn't believe how rough things were. As the baby's being born one doctor practically sits on your chest to push the baby out the incision site. Not to comfy-I couldn't breathe.

6:28pm-Doc says, "It's a girl!!" (This was the assisting doc. Not mine.) My mom says, as she looks over the screen, "It doesn't look like a girl." As the doctor is explaining swollen genitalia he stops and says, "It's a boy!!" Okay, so talk about a roller coaster for me!! (Not that I didn't want a girl or anything. I was just confused!!) Then they showed him to me. It's a boy!!!

BORN: APRIL 27th, 2000
6 lbs. 6 oz.
20 inches long
APGAR at 1 min=8 5 min=9
Ballard Score-37 weeks (and that was his gestational age, 37 weeks)

He's just absolutely perfect. We came home 47 hours later because I just had to get out of there. My only disappointment was vomiting from the spinal and not getting my morphine drip fast enough. I survived though!!