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Monday, 09 February 2009 10:11
It took us 9 months of infertility before we finally conceived our little boy. It was 13 days after our insemination, and Had taken a HPT, when it was faint. I called the nurse the next morning went in for a blood test. And sure enough I was in my car my cell phone rang, it was the doctor. Yep we were pregnant. I couldn't get home fast enough. I had stopped at the store and bought my husband a pacifier. I hadn't told him yet. So when I had walked in the door I gave him his soda and told him he was going to need to use the pacifier in 9 months. We were both skeptically elated.

Wow we were really finally going to have our child. The first trimester was not uneventful. I was to labor and delivery 2 times because I was bleeding, I just couldn't ignore it. But both times we were all fine. The rest of the pregnancy was generally for the most part wonderful.

It was three weeks before our son was due and I started bleeding again, we went to labor and delivery immediately. The bleeding stopped it was from my cervix, however they made us stay over night, because the baby's heart beat was irregular. Our son had a cardiac arrhythmia, so we had to wait for the perinatalogist to see us in the am. She said all was okay and we would have an ultrasound the next day. Turned out his heart was structurally fine. Just some babies have this.

So I had went to my regular OB appointment 2 1/2 weeks before he was due, I was dilated nearly 2 1/2 50% effaced and since I had been measuring 2 weeks big, my OB stripped my membranes. Well I walked and walked and walked, hoping to deliver I was getting tired. We were scheduled to be induced a week before the due date because he was getting big. My OB predicted 9 pounder, and he was right on the money. Well we didn't need to go to our induction.

It was Sunday afternoon and my mom called to tell me my grandfather was not going to make it through the night. I had an anxiety attack and went to labor and delivery to make sure all was okay. Well low and behold I was having contractions every 5 minutes (didn't know it) and I was dilated to 4. So they kept us for good this time. We were going to have a baby and 2000 miles away, my family was losing my grandfather (a wonderful person).

Since our baby had the arrhythmia, they had to break my water so he could have internal monitor. Well that was when I felt the contractions. I thought things were going to be okay easy. Well I lasted about 1 hour and then we discussed options for pain, we knew we were going to have epideral. It was a decision I had made with my OB. "why should you be in pain when you don't have to". I wanted to enjoy his birth, so I did have an epidural. I labored through the night into the next morning. finally it was about 15 hours later and I was only dilated 9 3/4. My cervix wouldn't go any further, so I had pushed about 4 times to see if it would, Nothing was happening. The OB came in and said they were giong to have to do a c-section. I was devistated and scared I wouldn't see my baby after it was born. However I was reassured I would be awake during the c-section since I had an epidural.

So about an hour later we were wisked to the operating room. Thing begin to get scary. my husband comes in to be with me. It was a horrible feeling when they had to push the baby back up and then out. I felt like someone was sitting on my ribs and I couldn't breathe. Then out came our son.

I remember he wasn't crying I kept asking what was going on. No one would tell me, then my husband started saying "breathe CJ breathe". Finally I heard a cry. But I started to get sick, and the doctors started scrambling.

My husband brought the baby to me, I got to see him, then everything went dark. Before it went dark the anesthesiologist was trying to get another IV in and stuck me with a needle in the shoulder.

I woke about 6 hours later to find out, I needed to have 2 units of whole blood. Things were still foggy. I bearly remember my husband putting our beautiful 9 pound 7 ounce son in my arms. He told me I had hemorraged and lost a lot of blood. The doctor came in and said they were going to have to give me blood. My blood pressure was very LOW for a long time, and wouldn't come up by itself, so I had 2 units of whole blood. About 14 hours post deliver I was able to see my beautiful son and remember all the hair he was born with.

IN the midst of the labor and delivery. I found out that my grandfather passed away 7 hours before CodieJames Gordon J. was born. I believe that if it weren't for my grandfather being our guardian angel, both of us would not be here today.