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Monday, 09 February 2009 09:18
I never actually "went" into labor on my own. It all started when I was 2.5 weeks over due, and was visiting my doctor for my three times weekly non-stress test. He called me back into his office and said that there were some troubling signs, and he wanted me to go get my bags and head up to the hospital. I had been diliated to two for about seven weeks, so no one though I'd even go to term, and here I was almost three weeks past due, and now the baby was in trouble.

I got up to the hospital and and all checked in and then the real trouble began. The nurses and the doctor began fighting about if the baby was really in distress or not. I was having regular contractions, the same as the last two weeks, but they were not bad enough to cause "pain". The decision was made to use the gel on my cervix and see what that did over night, and the next day to start the pitocin if we weren't doing any thing. I sent my DH home to get some sleep. At about 9:30 pm, in came the nurses to put in an IV. At 10 pm the contractions were bad enough to keep me awake, and I was offered a shot of Stadol, which I took. It was lights out until 5 am.

At 5am they started the pit, since there was no change in diliation. After being on the pit for 10 hours and there being no cervical change, they dicided to put in an internal fetal montitor, which never touched the baby's head, but certainly got the inside of my uterus! My contractions were three minutes long and 30 seconds apart all of that day and night, still I had not made it to three centimeters until the next morning.

At 2pm, on the third day, the offered me three choices, 1) stay in labor and see what happens, 2) go to a larger hospital, an hour away by ambulance, and 3) have a c-section, which was the very strong recomendation. I chose the c-section, signed the forms, and at 2:42 pm, our daughter was born perfectly healthy.

I am now expecting our second, which by the US, will be a boy, in September. My chances of having a VBAC are slim due to such an early failure to progress. I have chosed to have another c-section, and a lot of people think that I should try to do it the "right" way. I feel any way that you have a healthy baby is the right way. I never felt like a failure. I tried for three days to have my daughter the "right" way, and according to the specialists at our hospital, I have a 98% chance of not being able to have a VBAC. Being that tired again is not an option for me. Being able to enjoy the first ours of my new baby's life this time is my only option.