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Monday, 09 February 2009 08:54
I was in nursing school and married only a year at 22 when I found out I was pregnant. I thought I had appendicitis or ovarian cancer (reading too many textbooks)! My husband took me to a minor care clinic and voila! I was pregnant. They then sent me to ER to see if it was ectopic or tubal. At the hospital, they confirmed the pregnancy by blood test and then did an ultrasound. The stupid radiologist did not see a gestational sac and said I had or was currently miscarrying. No blood or anything. I was devastated! Well, I called an OB/GYN for an appointment and I was still pregnant but only 3 weeks along. The pain I was feeling was round ligament pain. Up till 32 weeks everything was normal with the pregnancy. I then had two bouts with preterm labor in which I was put on bedrest and Brethine every three hours to stop it till 37 weeks gestation. I got to 37 weeks, came off the medication and started having contractions again. They eventually stopped and I had a follow-up appointment in two days. I went to my appointment and my blood pressure was 150/110. It is usually 100/50 so I was wheeled into the hospital again. The next day it had not gone down so the inserted Cervadil to ripen my cervix for 12 hours. They then started Pitocin to create stronger contractions. The pain I had was all in my lower back in a burning sensation. When I got to 3 cm they told me the baby was facing the wrong way (sunny-side up) and I was in back labor. The contractions were pretty strong but I could breathe through them. They then gave me Stadol, which did not take away the pain but lessened it so I could sleep. At 4 cm, it wore off and I wanted the epidural. I had a ton of family at the hospital who were coming in and out of the room. Everytime one of them would enter I would ask if it was Steve (the anesthesiologist). After a while, I thought everyone was lying and he was not on his way like they said. He showed up and I am terrified of needles! I had done clinicals in L&D and had seen an epidural done. Let me tell you .�you don't care about the needle. You are in pain and barely feel the sting. I usually cry with shots and I was a champ with this. Instant bliss folks! I rested till I was 7cm and felt extreme pain again in my back. They checked me again 3 minutes later and I was at 10. I did tell my mother in law to shut up but that is because she kept telling me to breathe and I already was! I gave 2 good pushes and my baby's heart rate stayed down. Off to c-section! Steve was there and he topped off my epidural that made me so comfortable that I slept through the surgery and my daughter's birth like I had been knocked out. I was told that I snored very loud in the operating room and my OB/GYN thought it hilarious. I really felt I missed out on the birth experience. I have read many birth stories and watched "A Baby Story" on t.v. I just wish I was able to stay awake. My husband said it was fantastic. Well, we both fell instantly in love with Katie. I had minor baby blues afterwards regarding missing my husband when he had to leave for work every day. Katie made up for it. She is the most amazing miracle I have ever been blessed with and I would go through this experience a hundredfold just to see her and hold her.