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Monday, 09 February 2009 08:43
I found out I was pregnant in the middle of a chinese resturaunt with my mom-in-law.I was SHOCKED, we were not planning another child I was on the pill and our daughter was only 10 months old.But Storme was determined to make his way into our lives.I called my hubby at work, he drove truck in a West Texas oil feild and was stunned with disbelief.When we recovered from the shock we were very happy. I started showing before I barely knew I was pregnant(completely different than my daughter, I didnt show with her till my 6th month) I had no morning sickness Hubby got it lol... I had another great pregnancy except I gained alot more than with my first pregnancy and this caused my blood pressure to raise slighly.Well my due day came and went so they did a sonagram and said the baby was a boy and only weighed 4 lbs and would probably be born with a cleft palate and a hairlip... We were devastated but decided we loved him no matter what... 3 weeks after my due date my Dr. said it was time to induce me due to my blood pressure rising.So I checked into the hospital on a monday around 12:00 pm and got hooked up to the drip and moniter, and got settled in... for what turned out to be a LONG wait.I was only dialated to a 2 and the night nurse would come in and turn my drip almost off (we found out later it was because she didnt want the baby to come on her shift)then before her shift would be over she would turn it back up and I would go into labor again, for 4 days we did this start labor , stop labor, start drip , turn drip off... by this point I was exhausted , frustrated and out an out ticked off... and told my Dr so... I never had any exsperiance with this so I did'nt know this was not the way inducing went..I was still only at a 2 so the Dr. decided to send us home... and wait 3 days more to see if I would go into labor on my own..the following week it was decided to take the baby c-section for safety reasons... the inducement had caused stress to the baby and raised my blood pressure even more.So we went home got our things together made our phone calls and off we went .I wanted the kind of c-section where you can be awake and watch but they said it was'nt an option so they basically strapped me down and knocked me out.Hubby watched the whole thing and said I was lucky to have been asleep because it killed him to watch them slice me open and basically rip the baby out(those are his words lol) Next thing I remember is waking up in what looked like a closet (it was a very small hospital) and asking where my hubby and baby were.I was taken to my room and my beautiful 7 lb 10 oz baby boy was brought to me..perfectly healthy.No cleft palate, no hairlip, this was no 4 lb baby .He was perfect and is a happy healthy 2 1/2 year old .