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Thursday, 05 February 2009 11:41
I have been reading alot of the Birth Stories and they are great it doesn't matter what we go though each baby is a gift from God and we would go though any thing to have one. I have 9 great kids. We have lost 6 babies. I had a little boy that died while i was 17 weeks preagant. We don't know why he died we were told that it just happens. Well 3 months later I was preagant again but this time it was twins we were so happy but very afriad. I didn't know if i had done something the first time so I was not taking any chances, but it did not matter I lost the babies at 22 weeks they were little girls. I tried to talk to a doctor but they just said keep trying. We were so upset and I didn't know if I wanted to try again. It was a big amount of pressure on our marrage. But we waited for a while almost a year to try again. I got preagant in Feb. of 1985. I also went to a diffenent doctor. Things were going pretty good then at 14 weeks the problems started. My doctor sent me to Yale-New Haven in CT. I stayed my whole preagancy. I hated it I could not get up they gave me baths in bed, I used the bed pan, it was really hard for my husband. And the worst part was all the medicines they are the worst. Then we found out the baby had a problem with his kidneys. And he was breech I didn't care I just wanted him to be alright. S. Brandon Micheal Barnard came into this world by C-section on August 24, 1985 . He weight 3 pounds 2 ounces. And now he is the greatest 14 year old and no problems. He had kidney surgey at 3 years old but is fine now. Well after that I just had to have another one we tried 2 more times and both times they babies died at 17 and 20 weeks. It put such a strain on our marriage we divorced in June of 1987.

After we divorced I found out I was pregant with another child I was so scared I had no Husband and I was in CT. with no family. But my ex-husband was great he helped me moved to MIssissippi to be next to my mom and dad and he was being stationed in FLa. so he was really close. Well the same thing happened back and forth to the hospital and many hospital stays. Brianna katelyn Barnard was born 2 and half months early by C-section on her daddys birthday. They had to take her to MObile,Al. she was in NICU for 2 months she weighted 2 pounds and 7 ounces. She is now 12 and a great kid.

Well when Brianna was 16 months old I met my husband now we have been together for 11 years. WE have had one lost. A little boy at 19 weeks. But we have had 7 of our own all by C-sections and all very pre-term babies but they are doing great. We just had our 9th and will be trying for our 10th in about a year or two. It has been great and I would not trade it for the world.