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Thursday, 05 February 2009 11:39
Back in August of 1996, my husband and I, already parents of 2 children, Paige 3 and Dilon 2, were excited and shocked to find out that we were expecting twins. We always wanted a family of 4 children and well, we got it. The pregnancy was great no complications what so ever, and the babies were doing great! At about 5 months, we found out that we were having at least, one girl but could never really tell what the other would be. The nurse thought a boy but never to positive. As the pregnancy went on I continued to grow BIGGER and BIGGER!! at 8 months, the babies both weighed in at 5 pounds which is wonderful for twins. Everything still going well. Every week now i would go to the doctor and they would say, "see you next week!" I was miserable but the babies just were not ready yet.

Well, 3 days short of my due date I was scheduled to be induced. Went on the morning of March 20, 1997 and all was going well. Labor was comfortable not to bad and then the time came to start pushing... Baby A was born first, she was expected to be the boy but just hearing her little cry didn't make a difference. Then it was time for Baby B, who already had a name Autumn Marie. She gave us some unexpected complications as many seconds do in twin birth. She had a prolapsed cord, meaning her oxygen supply had been cut off . How long, the doctor was not positive but she had to be delivered quickly. A C-section was then performed. I was so scared and so full of mixed emotion that I didn't know how to respond.

My husband Bryan held my hand and told me not to worry, things would be fine! I had to be put under so, I was not going to know the outcome until I awoke from recovery. As I came to there was a nurse there I was so scared because I didn't see my husband or know what she would tell me. I just prayed to God that it would be good news. She then told me that we had 2 beautiful, healthy daughters waiting to see their Mommy. I cried and gave her the longest hug ever. he told me that the baby was not breathing when she was born so she was placed in a special incubator for 7 hours. She assured me though that she would be fine.

Then my husband came in tears in his eyes, they are so cute he said. He told me that he named the first born Summer... I was so impressed. I loved the name . So, our daughters Summer & Autumn were finally in our lives making each day so very special along with Paige & Dilon. Summer weighed 5'12oz. and Autumn 7' 1 oz. Beautiful, beautiful babies!

I thank God everyday for our precious children and the Joy that they bring with each and every smile! Now, as they grow to be 3 years, I wonder where all of the time went? My "Two Little Angels" sent from above.

Dawn (Mom)
Summer Ann & Autumn Marie
March 20, 1997.