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Thursday, 05 February 2009 09:45
Everything about having a baby was done the hard way for dh and myself! We started trying to get pregnant in June 96 and by october 97 we were seeing a fertility specialist. To make that story short, I wound up getting pregnant by I.U.U after 9 months of treatment.

AT our 8.5 week appointment, I already had placenta previa. Even though they say placenta previa is not hereditary, my mother also had this condition with my brother.

I am a real baby when it comes to needles so with all of my doctors appointments i was never warned of any tests because that way I wouldn't scare myself before I went to the doctor.

I was lucky. Other than heartburn, i never had any problems with my pregnancy. My OBGYN kept telling me I was going to have a big baby because at my 37 week appointment I was already measuring 41! Because of the placenta previa I had appointments every 2 weeks. My doctor seemed to think i really wanted to experience labor so she would not schedule a c-section and I continued to have ultrasounds at every visit to see if my placenta had moved. Well, the placenta never moved and finally at my 37 week appointment, my OB scheduled a c-section.

I arrived at the hospital at 5:30am and immediately started crying at the idea of getting an I.V. put in. I have never had surgery before or even been in a hospital and now I have to have surgery to have my baby. They gave me a shot of novacaine before my I.V. was put in and then i was wheeled to the birthing area. They told dh to change his clothes and meet me in the O.R.. I started to cry and said we had to wait for dh and that he had to be with me all the time.

When we got to the O.R. adn they attached monitors to my belly. Harrison had been breech my entire pregnancy and now he was turning flips so it was hard to locate and keep him on the monitors. I was so busy with the monitors on my tummy that I never felt the epidural catheter being inserted! The anesthesiologist asked if I felt the epidural working and i said my butt was getting awfully warm! Everyone laughed and I laid down on the table. I guess i was lucky because they never tied my arms down or restrained me in any way.

They started poking me with a dull pin to make sure I was not feeling anything. The nurses kept poking me ans asking what I was feeling to distract me because I started to smell the cauterizing of my skin and realized they were already cutting. They said I would feel tugging and pulling but I never felt a thing.

Harrison was born at 7:54am weighing 6 pounds 11 ounces. My doctor said she thought he was bigger because the placenta was pushing him so far up into my ribs.

I had a very easy recovery and went home from the hospital a day early. I had very little pain from the surgey and was able to do all the new mother things I wanted.