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Thursday, 05 February 2009 08:50
I was huge! Co-workers would pass by me and say "What, you haven't had that baby yet?" for weeks it seemed (and my due date was still 2 weeks away).

On my weekly doctor's visit on December 9th (due date December 21st) my doctor suggested that he strip the membranes, because he feared an overly large baby. I eagerly agreed, heeding his advise that it doesn't start labor unless things are "good and ready". My appointment was early in the morning, so I could still get a full days work in...Not this day.

About halfway to work I felt the first contration. Mind you it wasn't a painful one at this point. Much like my daughter's delivery things moved slow at first, mostly like mestrual cramps.

We finally went to the hospital just before midnight on the 9th. When we reached the maternity ward, the nurse asked me if I thought this was the "real" thing. As I was about to answer, my water broke, so I said "yup!" The checked me, 3cm. and it was midnight.

They suggested I sleep and I did on and off until about 3am. The check me again 5 cm. The decided to give me something to help me sleep.

6:30am 6 cm. My doctor came in at 9:00 & suggested pitocin to help produce longer contractions. It worked, by 10:00 I was fully dilated and ready to push.

One problem. My baby was deciding to come into this world nose first. This is termed a "brow presentation". His head and neck were fulled extended pointed straight up. The doctor advised me it was sometimes necessary for babies presenting this was to be c-sectioned, he was willing to let me try a vaginal birth. After 1-1/2 hours of pushing, my epidural, (deemed necessary earlier because his head pinched my siatic nerve) wore off and he wasn't progressing at all.

The hospital staff had already warned me that my baby's head would be bruised beacuse of the presentation, but I started to worry about side effects from pushing against his querky postion.

My worries were real, and I was advised that my baby's head simple would not fit though facing this direction, and he was probably unable to move it to accomidate a natural delivery. The decision was simple--I would have an emergency c-section.

Within 15 minutes, my beautiful, bruised baby boy--all 8lbs.7oz. was brought into this world thanks to a skilled surgon.

Fortunately, the buise faded within a week, and I am the proud mother of the most round headed baby I've ever seen. It's been a year, but it is very interesting that he still sleeps with his nose suck up in the air!!