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Wednesday, 04 February 2009 11:47
When I found out I was pregnant I was so scared! My husband and I had been together for three years and nothing had ever happened as far as becomming pregnant so we assumed children weren't possible. Boy were we wrong! One day in March I watched a home pregnancy turn up with two lines, I almost fainted! It was unexpected and unplanned and looking back on that day now I see it as the best day of my life! December 18th was my due date and so started the nine month quest on my body. I had everything from miserable morning sickness in the first trimester to a heart problem in the second trimester and preclampsia in the third.

I was very large by my 38th week and my blood pressure was all over the place so the doctor decided to induce. I went into the hospital on December 6th excited and nervous and hoping to come home with my little angel. No such luck, the first night they tried cervidel, it got me only 1+ centimeters and 60% effaced. The next day they tried another cervidel, that got me to 2+ cetimeters and some mild contractions. Yet another night in the hospital and a promise from the doctor that pitocin would be started in the morning. Spent all the next day having kinda uncomfortable contractions and walking the halls with my pitocin drip, but by 10pm that night my cervix was still pretty much the same. They stopped the drip and sent my home to rest for a couple of days to try again on the 13th. Went in 7:30am that next Monday and was started on pitocin again by the end of the day my cervix was 3 centimeters and still pretty thick, the baby had dropped a little bit but not much. They stopped the drip that evening to let me rest over night and Tuesday morning pitocin was started again, around 1pm that afternoon I was almost 4 centimeters and the doctor finally agreed to break my water, finally!!! The contractions became very uncomfortable almost immedietly and by 7pm that night I was wanting my epidural. What a wonderful thing! All you feel is the pinch of the novicane needle and the rest is easy. I was joking and talking through all my contractions. Around 8pm the midwife came into check me and I was only dialated to 5 centimeters! What a disapointment! So she said that her and the doctor were going to take the lady next door down for a c- section and that she would check me when they were done. About an hour later she came back and checked me again I was still 5 centimeters and thick and the baby was still really high. She went to talk to the doctor and they came back in and said they were sorry but a c-section was going to have to be done, I just wasn't progressing like I should have. Then came the water works, I cried and cried, and my husband cried, and my mom! I had never had stitches before let alone major surgery! Things went very fast from there, since the lady next door had just had a c- section the surgical team was already there and was already for me. Things get blurry after this. I remember being in the operating room hooked up to some machines and oxygen on my face, they started the operation and let my husband in to see the delivery. All I felt was some pressure and tugging and pulling every now and then. I remember hearing the doc say the baby was out and I called over asking if it was a boy or a girl and to my surprise it was a beautiful baby girl!! I was so surprised because everyone including me was positive it was a boy. After that they took her and my husband down to the nursery and finished sewing me up.

Having the c-section was scary but what a reward you get for all that you go through during pregnany! Isabella was born at 10:45pm, Dec. 14th. She weighed 8lbs 11ozs and I was told that was the whole reason I couldn't deliver vaginally, she was to big and by not dialating was my body's way of letting me know. Good luck to all you expecting mothers believe me when I say no matter how bad it is the reward at the end out weighs everything you went through!