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Wednesday, 04 February 2009 11:43
After a very high risk pregnancy (Chronic pancreatitis, diabetes, Cervical Dysplasia (CIN III, pre-cancerous cells), single parenthood, an AFP test that indicated the baby might have Downs....oh and doing it on my own with two other kids), Joshua Thomas was finally brought into this world via c- section at 11:40 am on Saturday, September 11, 1999.

Because I am a diabetic and my baby was kind of running big (even though I had very tight control of my blood glucose levels), my Dr. planned to induce me at 38.5 weeks. For two weeks before his birth I had been receiving Prostaglandin Cervical Gels every three days. When I went to the hospital on September 10 to be induced, I was dilated to 3. I had had an induced VBAC three years earlier and though that this would be a breeze....well, after 10 hours of pitocin, it became clear that this was not going to work. My Dr., who was on vacation, was called and she said, lets do a double strength prostaglandin gel every four hours and then see where we are in the morning. Well, the gels caused massive cramping but apparently did not do much. My own doctor came in on her vacation to check on me and deliver me as it turned out. I was only dilated to 3.5 cm the next morning (at 9 am) and my doctor gave me the choice between another day of pitocin or a c- section. Since I was so exhausted (I could not sleep through the cramps that those gels cause) and the likelyhood of the pitocin working was not really very good, I chose the c-section. My mom was still at home with my kids waiting to see what would happen with me. She had been at the hospital the entire day before and we had no idea what the outcome would be. I called her at 9:15 and she was at the hospital by 10:30. (That included her taking a shower, taking my kids to a sitter, and driving the 1/2 hour there. I think she did a good job of getting there in a hurry!)

I had a c-section back in 1989 with my son Derrek . However, that was an emergency c-section after 36 hours of labor and I was put under general anesthesia. This time I would have an epidural and be awake.

At 11:00 am they rolled me into the c-section room and inserted the epidural. (My doctor was wonderful...she held my hand the whole time the anesthesiologist was inserting the epidural). I could not believe how nauseous I became and how hot/cold/tired I got. (All at the same time). I was crying for my mom but they didn't actually bring her in until about 11:20. I kind of dozed through the first part of the surgery and then they all said "Look at all that hair!!!!!!" So, I opened my eyes and they held him up. He was so beautiful. I watched as they cleaned him up and weighed him (9 lbs 1 oz....a big baby).

Then, my mom followed him down to the Special Care nursery. (It is protocol to take the baby of a diabetic mom down to Special Care and insert an iv in case of blood glucose crashes). He was supposed to be returned to me in recovery but he ended up having trouble breathing and was on oxygen for 12 hours. My doctor went down to the nursery and got a Poloroid of him and found out how he was doing and all that. Then she hugged me. I got to see him on the way back to my room, from my gurney and then I got to see him again around 5 pm. I got to nurse him for the firs time at 11:40 pm, when he was exactly 12 hours old.

I had written a birth plan for this birth. The ONLY thing I had specified in my birth plan that actually happened was my epidural, however, because my doctor was such a wonderful and caring person, this c-section experience was almost as good as my VBAC experience.

One thing I learned through my three pregnancies is to RESEARCH. With my first, I let the doctor make all the decisions and I feel that was a big reason that things did not go as well as they could have. The next two I did my homework and had more satisfying birth experiences.

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