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Wednesday, 04 February 2009 11:18
On the morning of July 16th, I found my mucous plug in the toilet. I immediately went to the doctor who said that I was not dialated in the least and would probably go around my due date (7/31/97). I was sent to work. At around 3pm that same day, I started to feel really crappy and went home via taxi. I pretty much lazed around all evening.

Thursday morning I decided not to go to work as I didnt get much sleep Wed evening and still wasnt feeling "right". I sent my hubby to work and told him that if anything happened that I would call, but for him not to worry.

During the course of the day I was having contractions. They came between 20-30 mins apart at first, but by the time my hubby came home (5:30pm), I told him to start timing them as they started to get more frequent and more painful. I felt like someone was ripping my insides out.

By 7pm, the doctor told us to go to the hospital. We went to Mt. Sinai Hospital in NYC.

The nurse there told us that we should go home because I was only 5mins apart, but I refused. I went to the bathroom and more of my mucus plug dropped. The pain was getting worse and worse.

By the time they moved me from the initial room (upon signing in) to the birthing room, more mucus plug had fallen and the pain was excrutiating. They gave me demoral upon my request :)

At around 11pm that evening, I was on the toilet and realized that my water broke. I was about 2-3cm dialated and the pain was 2am I was begging for an epidural.

The dr. and anesthesiologist administered the epidural and I got to sleep for a couple of hours. At around 5am I had stopped at 5cm despite the pitocin that was started at around midnight. The baby's head was starting to cone and my cervix was swollen at 5cm.

At 8am they started to prep me for a c- section. My hubby went to tell my mother, mother-in-law, sister, and sister-in-law of our new developments when there was a flurry of activity. They rushed me into the operation room.

Apparently Jordan's umbilical cord was around his neck and the continuted pitocin was decreasing his heart rate, so pitocin kept being administered and taken away to see the progress - as there was none.

Finally my husband appeared and they rushed him in. I was given anesthesia but was awake. Jordan was born at 10:06 am on 7/18/97. He was fine. 6lbs 4ozs. 19.5 inches long. He passed two apgars with 9.


The recovery wasn't as bad as I thought, but now that I am pregnant with #2, I'd like to try and VBAC to make recovery a bit easier.