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Wednesday, 04 February 2009 09:49

Hello to all you beautiful mothers or mothers to be out there for each and everyone of you are the bravest in the world!

My name is Mary Ann Smyth and am proud to be the mother of three beautiful daughters. I had my first child at 27, as a matter of fact Nicole Alexandra was born 5 minutes after my 27th birthday. My birthday being on June 30th, Nicole came in at 12:05 AM on July 1st, 1986 After being induced with pitocin after my water broke on the morning of my birthday, the MD decided to induce me at 8 pm that evening since I was still not dialating. At about 11:30 pm, I only dilated 2 cm. and the baby was in distress. Since they had the fetal moniter attached to me, my obgyn decided to perform a c section. I had a beautiful baby girl who weighed 8 lbs. 11 oz. I named her Nicole after my father who passed away Domenico.

I became pregnant 18 months later and preshecduled my C section. The MD told me that since my pelvis was small and my baby was big to try and not gain too much weight. I would probably be able to go natural but I really did not care to be mother nature! Yes, you can call me a chicken but I have to say "I remembered the labor pains!" As beautiful as Nicole was at birth, God gave me a beautiful second daughter who was delivered by c section on September 15th, 1988. I named her Jacqueline MacKenzie because my husband loved Jacqueline Kennedy and also loved the name MacKenzie.

I was truly happy with my daughters and thank God every day that I was blessed with not only healthy ones, but real pretty ones too!

In January of 1994, I was working as a medical assistant in an MDs office and missed my period 2 days or so. I really did not suspect pregnancy since my husband worked evenings and I worked days, we rarely had time to be together, let alone to even think about having another baby! I took a pregnancy test anyway and it was sent out stat! I went home not even thinking about it and husband was leaving to go to work when I blurted out that I took a pregnancy test. He always loved kids and said "that would be great". Before I even thought about his remark, the phone rang and my girlfriend Phyllis called and congratulated me! I was pregnant! I was also in shock and really not ready! I was, in fact, disappointed. My two daughters were in school and I felt settled, and comfortable with my lifestyle.

I cried and cried! I would never abort yet I felt entrapped! My husband was happy and told me it would be great to have another baby, and I felt men should be pregnant with hormonal changes at that point! I slowly began to accept the fact that maybe I should have this baby! Everyone seemed to be happy, except me. I explicitly remember my 2 daughters dancing around and deciding what sex it should be!

As time went on, I accepted my pregnancy and started to make some plans. My body immediately went through changes and I felt so nauseous! I was extremely tired and I continued to work since I felt the extra money was now especially needed. I was 34 years old and felt maybe this baby would be my last journey into the wonderful world of pregnancies and babies! (little did I know!) I was secretly hoping for a boy since I came from a family of 3 sisters and I had 2 daughters.

Well in March, I took a shower that morning and I felt low back pain. Not even knowing what a miscarriage felt like, I thought I might be working a bit too hard, and discarded any thoughts like that until I went to the bathroom and saw blood. I went to work anyway, thinking it was probably the time when my period was supposed to arrive and it was just spotting! Sure enough, the pains got worse and I was in discomfort. I called my obgyn and he immediately took me in.

He told me to go home and rest, and time will tell if anything! I went home and relaxed, not even thinking I would lose the baby! I was just working too hard! While my suspicions was slowly coming to a reality, my husband was just leaving for work and I told him to go, not wanting to think the worst! At about midnight that night, I went to the bathroom, and was in great pain! I was now bleeding and I was scared! I called my sister in law Faye, and she brought me to the hospital! I lost the baby and was so upset!

My emotions were inexplicable! I felt guilt and every bad emotion that went with it! I blamed myself since I did not really want the pregnancy, and everyone else who tried to calm me down! I was depressed and went through a month of crying spells feeling like a failure! The only thing that got me out of bed was my 2 adorable daughters and I went back to work after staying home for 2 weeks feeling sorry for myself! The obgyn explained it seemed like something viral was attacking the fetus???? I was 10 weeks pregnant and mourned that baby that would've been! It was a sad time for me, and my husband could only say "we'll try again!" (the last words I wanted to hear) I felt he did not mourn or care! I felt no one cared about this fetus I was carrying! I cried and cried again!

I finally calmed down and was determined to have another baby! I wanted a spring baby and planned to get pregnant in August! I never had a problem conceiving, so I planned every step of the way very carefully, even timing my ovulation. I was preganant like clockwork, and although I was scared, I felt it would be okay since I conceived so fast and my miscarriage was a statistic. 1 in 5 pregnancies end in miscarriages, and well I was a statistic! I still mourned the last pregnancy, but now I was happy about being pregnant and felt God would now give me my third bundle of joy!

The baby would be due May 7th 1995 (how wonderful!) I was so excited and so was everyone around me. I happily shopped for maternity clothes and the baby's layette! I was very nauseous but I did not care! I was now 35 and I felt nothing could go wrong! It was November 16th, and I was passed my 3 months of worry ( miscarriages usually occur in the 1st 3 months) I felt nauseous , tired and sick. Those were signs and I was okay with it. I went for an exam on November 16th, and had a sonogram done to watch this baby's growth! I was tired and somewhat dizzy, but I was not about to complain! As I laid on the table and felt the cold brush of the sonogram fluid against my belly, I watched the screen to view my baby! My husband was outside looking to park the car, and I couldn't wait to see the baby finally look human at 16 weeks! The nurse and the doctor was silent as I stared at the screen. "Where was it?" I kept looking anxiosly waiting for them to point out the parts to me! Time took forever! I just laid there which seemed like an eternity! Finally the doctor asked "Mary Ann, are you feeling cramps honey, are you staining?"

"No!" I blurted out! "Never!" "I am so sorry Mary Ann, the baby's heart stopped beating" he was very solemn and point blank. The tears were streaming uncontrollably down my face! "What????" "Another dead baby???". How could God do this to me? I stared at the sonogram only to see a fetus laying limply in my womb! I was devastated! "I will admit you tonight and we will induce labor in the morning" I ran off the table and ran outside to my husband who was double parked. "Jimmy, this baby is dead!" There was no time span again. I was in shock and I told him to get me across the street to the hospital. As I heard women in labor, I had about 4 doctors around me confirming that my baby was dead! My husband held my hand while I sobbed uncontrollably! "What's wrong with me??!!!" "Why can't I have a baby?". Jim, my husband cried with me "We have 2 at home, honey, I feel speechless, I am so sorry" I blurted out "No one will understand or will ever know the torture I have been through!" I was induced the following morning like clockwork, I was mad at God and mad at the world! I was given a hormone to induce labor, and sure enough I labored, had fever, threw up and felt every discomfort a human could feel!

Low back pain told me I had to push and the doctor said to do it! I did it and immediately asked "Was it deformed?" "What sex was it?" "The doctor said it was not deformed and it stopped growing at about 13 weeks (3 months)My sister Linda came into the room at that point and held my hand "It looks as if it would've been a boy!" I cried and cried! I wanted a boy so badly! I felt as if I was punished for reasons unknown!

My sister Linda, cried with me, and we together mourned another loss. My family was outside, yet I did not want to see anyone! I was again, disappointed and felt like a failure! I had to be admitted because I lost a lot of blood and asked not to be placed in the maternity ward to see other women happily with their newborns! I woke up from surgery (D&C) and saw my husbands face staring at me! I cried "Jim, it was a boy". "I know" he said "but I am not mourning the sex, I feel just as bad as if it would've been a little girl. It was a baby, and you need to get better honey. Nicole and Jacqueline are waiting for you at home"

I was tired, depressed, and I did want to go home to my babies! I just did not want to face the world, and hear all the questions, or recount this story. I went home and hugged my 2 daughters, yet I was still week and my husband did all the work. He told me to relax and he will clean, cook, and care for the kids! I just wanted to sleep, and avoided phone calls if I could! I cried, and I was left to believe I was not to even try to have anymore children again. I gave the baby a name "Domenick" after my dead father, and let the hospital bury it in a Christian cemetery.

As usual, life went on, and I went to see this specialist bringing my records from my 2 failed pregnancies. Dr. tavakoli looked through the records and looked me in the eye saying "If you want to have another baby, we will make it happen" I cried without pause! I did want one so badly now, yet I was so scared! At this point, it was April, and she said she will watch me and send me to another Dr. to sonogram me every month! I was to go on antibiotics to cleanse out my system, and we were going to time my ovulation!

*sigh* I was 36 at this point and felt time was not on my side anymore! I told her I worked with special education children and feared that maybe I should not chance it! "I will give you a chromosomal analysis, this will determine if you are passing anything to your babies. I just have to take a few tubes of blood from you" I did it only to find I never passed anything to my 2 lost babies. They were just failed preganancies and I was 2 times a statistic. There was no rhyme or reason, just 2 souls that were not meant to be, for whatever reason God had.

It was a Sunday, and May 7th had arrived, the day, my last baby was due. I took my children to Sunday school, and had breakfast with my 2 very dear friends. "I have to say this and I don't want to sound depressing, but this was the day the baby was supposed to be born! There I said it!" My friends, Pattie and Maria hugged me and comforted me, they said comforting words and I just said I might be PMSing and therefore a little more sensitive. I missed my period 1 day and did not even suspect pregnancy. I was just late as I am at times, and feeling especially blue today.

I worked a few days that week and informed Dr. Tavakoli that I was late but it had to be a seasonal thing and my body was changing. "Were you intimate?" she asked. I timed everything I did. I shrugged it off saying, I must've been, but it was only once and it was right after my period ended. I did not even see my husband during midcycle. He was always working!

Sure enough, a week had past and I took a test, not feeling nauseous, not feeling heavy, no symptoms of pregnancy at all! I called her from work, a day later "MaryAnn, you are pregnant". Tears streamed down my face "I am scared" I cried. "There is no reason to be scared! It will be okay" (from her mouth to God's ears).

I was waiting for symptoms to appear, none at all! Throughout the first few months, I felt wonderful! This baby would be due in the beginning of January 1996. I decided to have an amniocentesis. I was still scared and I wanted to make sure this baby was fine! I found out she was a girl in August and although I was slightly disappointed. My husband yelled "is this the way you are going to welcome the baby into the world?"

I was now okay, and just prayed the next few months would be fine! I resigned to the fact that there must be a reason why my other 2 pregnancies failed. I decided on a name "Alexis" because I loved the sound of the name, and Theresa, after my mother in law who passed on! I was given an option to be awake during a c section and have an epidural. I went for it! I had to deliver Alexis on December 29th because she was leaning on my gallbladder and causing me much discomfort!

My husband is a big guy but the thought of him watching was not his style. My sister Linda begged me to watch and I told her "sure. why not?" My family went to the hospital at 6:30 that morning. My husband, the girls, my 2 sisters and my mother. My sister Linda changed into her scrubs and brough in a camera. I was praying beneath my breath! I told God to please give me a healthy little girl!

I was now numb and the epidural was taking effect. My sister was holding my hand while the doctor ( a wonderful little Filippino woman) went through everything she was going to do, and just told me I might feel pressure when she pulled the baby! I felt nothing! Just the sound of an angel crying! I looked to see my baby, who looked so perfect to me! "She's beautiful!" my sister yelled! I laid there relieved and heard God telling me it will all be okay now.

I looked at my little miracle and have to say, she is 3 years old today and such a joy, very smart, and so pretty! She lights up all our lives! I overcame the c section and the nurses could not believe how I was always by the nursery watching my third child, and listening to God's voice telling me what a joy the rest of my life will be because I have 3 daughters who are healthy and beautiful!

L top: Jim, Nicole, Me
L bottom : Jacqueline and Alexis :)