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Tuesday, 03 February 2009 08:31
My pregnancy went very well with no morning sickness or heartburn. Actually, except for my stomach, I didn't experience any of the "pregnancy symptoms" that so many warn you about. I was due on February 9th, 1999. Of course that day came and went and my husband and I continued to make our weekly appointments. This takes place in a military hospital so we never saw the same doctor and had no idea who would be delivering our baby. On February 16th we had our first ultrasound to determine the baby's weight and level of fluid so the doctor could decide when to schedule the induction. Now, all this time I dreamt we were having a girl and my grandmother also dreamt we were having a little girl. My grandmother has dreams,or premonitions of things happening that 90% of it actually happens. With that said I was sure I was having a little girl. During the ultrasound we found out it was a boy. My hubby was elated and I was panicked because we hadn't even picked out boy names!!! Induction was scheduled for Feb. 22 and my m-i-l was coming on the 17th.

After all the walking I had been doing, we decided to give spicy food a try:-) The night of the 17th we all went to a mexican rest. and I loaded up on Tex Mex chicken(chicken was all I wanted during pregnancy,no beef at all, just chicken)pepper jack enchiladas. We all stayed up talking until 1am and 6am that morning my water broke, or so I thought. After waiting for an hour for my m-i-l to shower and do her hair we set off for the hospital. We got there about 7:45am and I was admited and started on pitocin since I was only 1/2 cm(that was being generous)That is absolutly the worst stuff ever invented and to top it off they kept turning it off and on. When a Dr. came in about 11am I was informed that my water wasn't broken and he did the honors and broke it for me in hopes things would progress.

Out of 8 labor rooms, which were all full, 5 of us were having problems. The baby's heartbeat kept dropping everytime I had a contraction. Then I was given oxygen and placed on my hands and knees to give the baby a chance to get his heart rate up. This went on for about 3 hours until about 8pm and I was only dilated to 4 maybe 5. I remember the Dr. coming in saying he wanted me to do this vaginally and would be back to check on me after they kicked up my pitocin some more. It was strange because as soon as he walked out the door he came right back in and said to prep me for a c-section right now..this was at 8:15pm. I later found out that my grandmother was praying for this to be over and for me to have the baby at 8:15pm the same time the Dr. changed his mind to do the c-section.

An hour later, at 9:16pm our little Austin Dayne was born - 9lbs. 2oz. and 21 in. long. When he came out he was so blue and we found out that the cord had been wrapped around his neck and that was the reason for the low heart rate earlier. Other than the temporary blueness he was perfect.

He will be 5 in four months and is the greatest. If all goes planned he will have a brother or sister within the next year.