Hunter's Birth Story By Wendy J. Print
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Tuesday, 03 February 2009 07:45
Well after two fairly uneventful full term pregnancies, we had quite a rough time with #3. For the most part things went well with my last pregnancy. At least till week 30. I started having pains every time the baby would move. After telling the doctor for several weeks we decided that we would do the C-section at week #37. We had an amnio that said all was well and the baby was ready to be born. We also found out that we were having a BOY!! We were so happy because our other two were girls. Well the day came. As the surgery progressed I was told I had a ruptured uterus and that we were lucky we went when we had. This was the cause of all the pains I was having when the baby moved.

Okay so I heard him scream he has a head full of hair. The doctor gave him a 8-9 apgar. All was well when the whisked him and my husband off to the nursery for weight check etc...

When I arrived in recovery I asked for My little Hunter Charles...I was told that he was having trouble breathing. I was informed that after they ran some tests I would be able to hold and nurse him. After several hours passed i've still yet to hold him and they still don't know whats wrong.

When I was took to my room they took me to the nursery so I could see him. Oh he was beautiful but he had this little bubble around his head and was hooked up to all sorts of tubes and monitors. He was breathing so hard his little chest was sinking in. They hooked him to an IV and told me I couldn't nurse till things got better. Off to my room I went. Well After a C-section you're suppose to stay in bed. I just couldn't. I had my husband grab a wheel chair and several times an hour he would wheel me down.

It got stressful but after two and a half days he graduated to just an incubator. One day after that he was able to come to my room. At day 5, we finally came home..He's now 6 weeks starting to smile and healthy as can be!!!