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Wednesday, 14 January 2009 09:46
My Husband and I had always wanted a baby. So after three years of trying with no success we were pretty shocked and surprised when my home pregnancy test showed positive.

My pregnancy was very wonderful, I really enjoyed it. I was going to the doctors for my 38 week check up when the doctor noticed I had many of the symptoms of pre-eclampsia (toxemia). So he put me on bed rest until the results of the test were ready, I was not very nervous because I was far enough along that IF I did have it, they would just induce me and I was really OK with that.That was Monday, the results were suppose to be back on Wednesday.

Wednesday came and went without any information from the lab...Thursday went by and again no new info, by now I am really sick of laying down on the miserable couch.

Then Friday afternoon I get the call I have been waiting for, The results were fine, they told me I could get off bed rest and now wait for labor too begin....I was honestly devastated. I wanted them to say meet us at the hospital, that baby is coming out!

So I decided to go do a little last minute shopping for Emma and let my husband know Emma would be rooming in with me for a little while longer. Being bummed out about not having Emma out yet I went to find support from a friend. We joked about Emma never coming out.

When I arrived home, I suddenly got this urge to make sure everything in Emma's room was perfect, we organized and folded everything...then I had too make sure everything in our bag was there.

Later on my husband and I decided to head to bed. As I was getting into bed, I felt like I urinated (not the first time) So embarrassed I rushed up into the bathroom, it kept coming out little at a time, when I realized there was no way I could possibly have that much urine. I yelled too Matt that I think my water broke, we called the hospital, and told us to go in.

The staff verified it was my bag of water, and I was admitted.They checked me and I was 3cm dilated and I had only slight contractions that evening, the nurses suggested we try to get some sleep, because it would be a long day ahead of us. Matt fell asleep, I didn't...thought I was gonna miss something (hahaha)

The next morning at 7:30 am Dr.G came in a started me on Pitocin because I still was not really contracting.. The first one hit me like a ton of bricks, I thought I was gonna die....they raised it every 1/2 hour every time they checked me, there was no progress really I went all day battling these hard contractions when I finally wanted medicine at about 8pm

The anastomosis came in and administered the Epidural. At this point they told me if I had not dilated a cm or more in the next hour they were gonna think about a c-section I did not, I was at 5cm for about 2 hours and i was not getting any bigger, so they talked to us about it, and we made the decision to have a C-section

They prepped me for it, got Matt into his scrubs, and wheeled me down in the operating room....Matt was able to be with me the whole time and that was wonderful...Then we heard the doctors say it was a girl and they handed Matt his 6lb 8oz 20inch baby. I could not hold her but Matt brought her down to me and I was able to touch her hand...She had the biggest, most alert eyes i had ever seen on a newborn.

Matt and Emma's pediatrician brought her upstairs while I was stitched up and brought to the recovery room.

I was able to go up and see her after about two hours. I will never forget that magical feeling. She roomed in with us and after three days after we went home..

Emma is now 9 months old and is still the biggest joy of my life.....